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The Flood / Hello during a random dessert
« Last post by Carmen on Today at 08:38:18 AM »
What's up losers
Gaming / Re: Super Smash Brothers
« Last post by CMD.exe on Today at 01:22:45 AM »
The Flood / Re: Gonna try to watch every Oscar nomination before the ceremony
« Last post by maverick on January 17, 2020, 03:07:54 PM »
I'm pissed Ad Astra left cinemas before I heard of it. Its the only 2019 film that looks like my kinda jam.
It seems pretty polarizing for whatever reason but I personally would recommend it.
The Flood / Re: Gonna try to watch every Oscar nomination before the ceremony
« Last post by BaconShelf on January 17, 2020, 02:57:07 PM »
I'm pissed Ad Astra left cinemas before I heard of it. Its the only 2019 film that looks like my kinda jam.
Gaming / Re: Super Smash Brothers
« Last post by Onion on January 17, 2020, 06:35:12 AM »
Look at this trash lineup they all have the same face

Serious / Re: 2019-2020 Trump Impeachment Trial
« Last post by Ian on January 17, 2020, 12:55:51 AM »
He's impeached, he just hasn't been convicted. Impeachment is nothing more than a formal accusation of grievances against the official. He has to be convicted in the following trial in order to be removed from office, being convicted requires a Senate super-majority of 67 votes.

What does this mean? Hes not impeached yet, right?
Gaming / Re: Super Smash Brothers
« Last post by Jono on January 16, 2020, 10:56:46 PM »
I just want Samurai Goroh in Smash, give some more love to F-Zero man
The Flood / Re: The Mandalorian
« Last post by basically GOD on January 16, 2020, 07:28:35 PM »
bruh when black tarkin popped up i was like bro i know i fucking know this dude from something

when it clicked its the guy who played gus fring i felt like such a dumbass - literally just started season 3 of breaking bad last week

Moff Gideon looked so stylish
the man is a fuckin pimp. man crush monday
The Flood / Re: New Years Resolutions MEGATHREAD
« Last post by basically GOD on January 16, 2020, 07:23:09 PM »
Fuck if I know. Move out like I was supposed to in November, I guess. Other than that, I dunno, might still aplly for school that starts in August this year rather than wait till next seeing what with the election and Iran and whatnot
hell yeah what u gonna apply for? and where?

better do it soon so you can avoid that draft baby lmao
Gonna apply to the university of Iceland and get a practical degree in Icelandic and German, just to get a footing and then hopefully move onto so etching else and end up staying there.

The only issue tho is that I need to apply in January and the school year starts in August, and that's every year. And with me trying to move, the timing is weird if I go to school this year. But homelife doesn't really work with waiting it out until August, especially since I'm paying rent on a place I'm not even living at because my mom threw a hissy fit about me moving out
ayy icelandic is a unique choice. any reason in particular?

also, weird your mom is so keen on you staying home... seems extremely overprotective/needy if shes pissed about you literally leaving for college
Iceland cuz I like the language, and cuz Germany and America are lost. Also yes she is excessively overbearing, especially considering I'm 24.  Not that I don't love her, I'm more afraid of wasting my youth in this shithole with her, never living, and then Day of Pillowing her ass when she's 63
"pillowing her ass"

um excuse me what
Well seeing as how she's fucked me over again because I'm worth less than her dogs, by "pillow her ass" I mean smothering her in her sleep with a pillow
wow i did not interpret that right at all.

i figured it was a metaphor for when she dies, but like as in burying her... not being the cause of her death jeez

it also sounded like a sex euphemism but i figured you didnt mean that lol
The Flood / Re: How's everyone doing?
« Last post by basically GOD on January 16, 2020, 07:18:55 PM »
This is a cool thread, thanks for checking in! I've been well - really taken to this new job and Florida isn't as bad as I expected. I had some big problems with DXM this weekend (Monday/Tuesday) but I'm getting over that now, luckily. I just couldn't sleep, it was really bad for that reason alone lol. Made everything involving the trip a lot worse. The funny thing is that alcohol is what saved me, I still had some hard lemonade from a while ago and drank that so I could just pass out.

Going to be more careful in the future for sure. This was my first big binge since being here. Next time I use this substance on the weekend I need to measure my dosages with much more precision.
GHB bro

knocks u straight out its fuckin great especially for sleeping after stim usage if ur into those (i am)
Hmmm GHB sounds lovely. What are they?
what are what? GHB or stims?

GHB (gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid) is a dissociative/depressant. its got similar effects to alcohol, but is waaaaay more euphoric and doesnt have all the negative side effects of alcohol. no hangover, no whisky dick and in fact its also an aphrodisiac. its got a lot of bad rep cause its commonly used as a date rape drug since its very easy to black out on, especially combined with alcohol. gotta be careful dosing it right. im a fan of it cause my body doesnt seem to react nicely to alcohol, moreso than most.

stims are just stimulants (coke, adderall, etc.). I've done my fair share of coke and i gotta say ive never had a worse comedown from any other drug. the poorer the quality the worse the comedown too. within an hour you can go from feeling on top of the fuckin world to hating yourself and wishing you were dead. you get depressed, anxious, and cant sleep. you feel like an empty shell of a human being. you feel worthless and disgusted with yourself. staring up at the ceiling for hours till you finally pass out hours later.

most stimulants have shitty comedowns, and having something on hand to knock yourself out before you completely crash is integral. ive found xanax and GHB to be the best. I prefer GHB tho cause i think it knocks you out better and you get good sleep on it. no xanax hangover. also GHB is less harmful to your body and less addictive.

you gotta be careful tho with using other drugs for comedowns. IMPORTANT: research substances extensively, especially before combining them. from the research i just did, it looks like mixing GHB and DXM can be dangerous since theyre both depressants. lots of people warn against it. however, to curb the after effects, after the DXM has worn off, it should be fine. do your own reasearch though. no drug is bad or scary imo, you just gotta be respectful of their power. do your research before experimenting with any drug/drug combo.

psychonautwiki, drugsforum, and various subreddits are my go to resources for drug research
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