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lol Deci
das, kiyo was a neonazi
not a communist

sapphire is full blown communist
Yeah but I saw some screencaps of a thread in sapphire posted on bungle a long whiles back that definately had me thinking the person posting was a newer identity of Kiyo. I've been holding out hope to one day be verbally berated and ridiculed by her again.
You got boring, sorry hun. I found someone else to be my verbal bitch. We still have the memories though, right?
das, kiyo was a neonazi
not a communist

sapphire is full blown communist
How was I a neo Nazi?
The Flood / Re: You will drop dead tomorrow...
« Last post by NotKiyo on Today at 02:23:03 AM »
Buy a load of American flags and burn them while I OD on heroin
Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter (World)
« Last post by Iberian Husky on Today at 01:51:55 AM »
Xeno was an even bigger joke than Vaal. On my blind run I only carted once at the very end because I got stunned and couldn't get away in time, then when I got back to the fight I literally smacked him ones with my dual blades and he fucking died. I wasted Mega Nutrients, a Mega Demondrug, and a Mega Armorskin for that too.

Teo was the real final boss tbh.
>not enabling cringeworthy, reckless behavior is toxic
shitting all over someone because of how they dress or present themselves (n a completely safe way) is toxic

he just wants to look more feminine

that's gay
idk velox's pronouns
Gaming / Re: Halo Mega Thread
« Last post by Zonda on Today at 01:07:12 AM »
>ywn open HMT 3.5 to make an AR spawn wraiths and drop the frame rate to 3
Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter (World)
« Last post by Chaos Metal Dragon on Today at 12:55:38 AM »
Vaal Hazaak was a joke other than his BS ranged attack.

Yeah and even that isn't that bad once you know about it and have either a light weapon or a block build.
The only other issue in the fight is the damn nazi-gas he covers 99% of the map in. It gives you that supid AIDS-blight so you're constantly chugging nullberries so in the case that anything he does actually ever hits you somehow you don't get 1-shot.  Not to mention Blight-resist does not cover it, Torches can't blow it away and anyone without dragonseal (see: literally every single bowgun user) has to deal with getting gassed for the whole fight.

Overall Vaal is probably the worst monster in the game. It's just  a piss easy Dora The Explorer tier obstacle with 2 crappy gimmicks to cheese-kill newbies and occasionally experienced hunters once every 30,000 years.
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