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The Flood / Pacific Rim Uprising
« on: April 08, 2018, 08:36:35 AM »
I just saw it. As someone who unironically loved the first one, I was somewhat optimistic for this one.

Well it was uhh...Kind of a mess. There were things in there that I liked such as the hybrid kaijus and the rogue Jaeger fight, but damn the rest of it was awful.

Did anyone else see it? I know I'm probably in the minority loving the first one, but damn I'd like some reassurance that this one was much much worse.

Gaming / Devil May Cry
« on: March 17, 2018, 07:38:30 AM »
So I picked up the HD collection this week and been giving it another whirl. I started the first one again, but goddamn it feels old now. Not that it's a bad thing, but you can definitely see it. I decided to go straight to 3 because of course that's the golden boy of the franchise and hooo boy, it's still as good as ever. The fact that the gameplay and over the top-ness is still fun as hell 13 years later is a testament to just how well designed and fluid the combat is. Being able to string together SSSTYLISH combos from loads of different attacks and timings is just so damn satisfying. When I beat it I actually want to go back and do it again on Hard just for that extra rush.

Anyone else a fan? Is it just edgy over the top bullshit? I'd recommend it to anyone who's a fan of hack and slash or action games, they're all worth a go, I think. 4 was a good...half of a game. Maybe with this recent re-release and Monster Hunter crossover they're getting us back into the DMC mood to prepare us for a new one. Who knows.

The Flood / Jessica Jones Season 2
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:41:45 AM »
Dropped on Netflix a few days ago, I only just started watching it. I'm not too big on MCU stuff but I really enjoyed Jessica Jones and Daredevil, so I've been looking forward to this. Anyone else watching?

The Flood / Somewhat sorted
« on: March 08, 2018, 12:54:43 PM »
After a horrendous episode last week I've been taking it easy for a bit. Went to visit the doctor and he recommended a stress and anxiety group to join, so that's cool. I've been talking to friends a lot more and being positive, so that weird gap in my head's starting to fill up with nice thoughts for a change. Feeling more into stuff and enjoying things again. That was like the longest week ever though, Jesus fucking Christ. Anyway, doing better now and since I like talking to friends I'm here for a bit. What's up fellas?

The Flood / Going for a bit
« on: February 28, 2018, 11:51:25 AM »
Hey all, just dropping in to say I'll be going for a little while. Been mulling it over for a bit and it's probably the best thing to do for the moment. I won't go into too many details but I haven't been having the best of times mentally. I went through a bit of a headfuck that left me feeling a bit lost with myself, not knowing what to do, wanting to hurt myself etc. I'm trying to make sense of it all and find a direction to head towards. I've been trying to surround myself with positivity and good thoughts and it seems to be working, I think. It's just all a bit of a mess really.

Anyway, I don't always get much happiness from being here, lately. Sometimes the shitposting and banter sort of rains on my mood and that's the exact opposite of what I need right now. I know it's all just bickering and playful banter, nothing personal but I'm not really in a good position to be dealing with that sort of thing at the moment and my emotions are all over the place so I'm at risk of sperging out and making a complete ass out of myself which I don't wanna do

I know it's just a forum full of names on the internet and doesn't really matter that much, but still I enjoyed times here, and got on well with people (even the ones I don't like so much, I still liked reading some of their posts). If I talk to any of you elsewhere I'll probably still be around, if you want to chat or whatever.

tl;dr im sad bye bye for now

I hope Dragon Ball Super's ending isn't too much of a disappointment.
I hope Halo 6 isn't too terrible.
I hope you don't sperg out again, Deci. You can do it.
I hope you find a 9/10 anime, Verb, and finish that Nuzlocke.
I hope you find a way to stop raging at games, CMD.
I hope you still enjoy PUBG, Chally.
I hope the next Fallout is up to your tastes, Fed.
Good luck with whatever it is you're up to, everyone. Whatever it is.
Good luck with drawing/animating, Snake.

The Flood / If something is obviously bait...
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:31:56 PM »
And you respond to it by saying 'this is bait'

Then did you inadvertently take the bait yourself?

Wouldn't it be best to just swim past it?

The Flood / ATTN: New members
« on: February 08, 2018, 12:13:10 PM »
Get rid of your Destiny avatars please


Gaming / Hope you like microtransactions in your Take 2 games!
« on: February 08, 2018, 04:32:28 AM »
Hope you like them because they're doing so well in GTA Online, of course! Excpect to see them clogging up RDR2 too I guess.

GTA 5 Players Are Spending Lots On Microtransactions, As Game Passes 90 Million Units Shipped

GTA Online and NBA 2K18 set records during the quarter for what Take-Two calls "recurrent consumer spending."

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games and 2K Games, reported earnings for its fiscal third quarter ended December 31, 2017. It's good times for the company, as it posted gains for revenue, while GTA V's online mode continued to make a lot of money.

During the holiday season, GTA Online and NBA 2K18 set records for "recurrent consumer spending." This is Take-Two's terminology to describe revenue from microtransactions, subscriptions, DLC, and other forms of digital content.

Take-Two CFO Lainie Goldstein said during an earnings call that the company is committed to recurrent consumer spending. The goal for the company, as it has stated for years now, is to have all of its games feature microtransactions in some form. This would also include Red Dead Redemption 2, though no specific details on how microtransactions may be featured in that game have been announced.

Regarding microtransactions in general, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said, "We're focused on players, not payers." Giving people great content for free is part of what is making GTA Online so successful, he added. Zelnick went on to say that when you create compelling content, "the monetisation will take care of itself."

Additionally, GTA V the base game continues to see "robust ongoing sales," which is remarkable given that the title originally launched back in 2013. GTA V has shipped more than 90 million copies, Take-Two announced today, making it one of the most commercially successful games ever in the United States.

In December 2017, GTA Online set a new player record. More people played GTA Online during the month than ever before in the game's history, Take-Two said. The game is enduringly successful, Take-Two said, due in part to Rockstar's commitment to regularly releasing new and engaging content such as the Doomsday Heist and content themed around Halloween and Christmas.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick at one time referred to GTA Online as "the gift that keeps on giving" as it relates to the money it makes from the game's microtransactions.

Given the massive success of GTA Online, it stands to reason that Rockstar's next big game, this October's Red Dead Redemption 2, may offer something similar. All that we know for sure, however, is that the western will have a "brand-new online multiplayer experience."

Take-Two's net revenue for the quarter was $480.8 million, up from $476.5 million during the same period last year. Revenue from recurrent consumer spending jumped by 64 percent year-over-year and made up 32 percent of Take-Two's total net revenue. Unsurprisingly, GTA Online was called out as one of the main contributors.

Take-Two's profit for the quarter was $25.1 million, which is down from $29.8 million during the same period last year. Similar to many other companies, Take-Two incurred an tax expense related to Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was enacted on December 22. Take-Two's expense for this was $11.9 million, so the company would have made a profit instead of a loss under normal circumstances.

During an earnings call, Take-Two shared some further details on the company's performance during the quarter. Here are some takeaways:

NBA 2K18 has sold 8 million copies and is expected to become 2K's best-selling sports game ever.
Management said the WWE brand remains popular so there is an opportunity in the future to release more games. However, Take-Two did not share a sales number for WWE 2K8.
Take-Two reaffirmed that a "highly anticipated new title from one of 2K's biggest franchises" is still on the way. This is likely a reference to Borderlands 3.
Take-Two has been impressed with the success of the Switch so far. The company will consider bringing more titles to it where it makes sense.

The Flood / ATTN: Any newcomers from the Bungie purge
« on: February 07, 2018, 08:53:58 AM »
Hello, welcome

What is your favorite anime

The Flood / Thoughts on houmous
« on: January 30, 2018, 02:28:24 PM »
I've started eating it recently. I really like it but a lot of people I know think it's fucking gross.

Do you like it?

Gaming / Started playing KOTOR 2
« on: January 23, 2018, 05:17:41 PM »
It's alright so far, but Jesus Christ when do I get to leave this mining facility place? I feel like I've been here for hours.

Gaming / Difficulty levels in videogames
« on: January 18, 2018, 04:32:15 PM »
I've noticed that different types of videogames handle difficulty in certain ways.

Part of the fun of playing action games like Devil May Cry on a higher difficulty is enemies changing tactics, doing more damage and taking a lot more skill to beat, there's a real sense of satisfaction from mastering it. Rather than just making enemies do more damage and having more health they actually change it up to keep things fresh.

In games like Fallout everything's just a fucking bullet sponge.Shooting is so clunky it just becomes about how fast you can sluggishly shuffle from side to side and pump as many healing items as you can and I don't really get anything out of it. Maybe some people get a kick out of it but I sure don't. Really not sure what else they could do in increasing the difficulty though, apart from hardcore mode.

What is your preferred system of difficulty increases in games?

Gaming / Metal Gear Survive beta
« on: January 18, 2018, 04:09:58 PM »
Anyone fancy downloading it on PS4 and giving it ago?

Gaming / Your least favorite games
« on: January 15, 2018, 03:20:38 PM »
List your least favorite games and reasons for doing necessarily have to be bad games, just ones you have reasons for not liking so much.

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi- I really hate how on-rails everything feels. It all looks wonderful, but goddamn it sucks to play.

Far Cry 2- I don't want to play a game that has malaria as a gameplay mechanic

The Flood / Favorite serial killer
« on: January 10, 2018, 01:38:49 PM »
As in, which one do you find the most horrific or interesting?

I found Anatoly Silviko really, really unsettling. His videos made me feel very uncomfortable, like something out of fucking Sinister

Albert Fish overall is probably just the worst though, urgh.

The Flood / Come up with 2018 movie predictions
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:10:21 AM »
-Solo is just 'okay', not the total flop everyone is expecting, but it's just a serviceable film.

-Infinity War was enjoyable but had too many characters doing things at once so some got thrown on the wayside. Soundtrack was forgettable and the movie is going to set up about 3 other MCU films.Highest grossing movie, though.

-Disney releases another live action adaptation of a beloved aniamted classic, one that hasn't already been announced.Gets a 40-70% score on RT

-Sony announces another reboot of something

-Justice League extended cut is released and fans swarm the internet telling people it's amazing and people are wrong

-A new Pixar film about talking (objects)

Gaming / Most evil things you've done in videogames
« on: January 06, 2018, 02:20:34 PM »
Fallout 3. That beggar outside Megaton was asking me for water. I stood there and drank the 2 bottles I had right in front of him.

Gaming / Here we go, off the rails
« on: January 04, 2018, 10:06:50 AM »

Goddamn I love this song. It's been stuck in my head for days and I don't even like Mario! Is Odyssey as fun as this song?

Here we go, off the rails
Don't you know it's time to raise our sails
It's freedom like you never knew

Don't need bags, or a pass
Say the word I'll be there in a flash
You could say my hat is off to you

Oh we can zoom
All the way to the moon
From this great wide wacky world
Jump with me, grab coins with me
Oh yeah!

It's time to jump up in the air (Jump up in the air)
Jump up, don't be scared (Jump up, don't be scared)
Jump up and your cares will soar away
And if the dark clouds start to swirl (Dark clouds start to swirl)
Don't fear, don't shed a tear, 'cause
I'll be your 1UP girl

So let's all jump up super high (Jump up super high)
High up in the sky (High up in the sky)
There's no power-up like dancing
You know that you're my superstar (You're my superstar)
No one else can take me this far
I'm flipping the switch
Get ready for this
Oh, let's do the odyssey

Odyssey, ya see! (x7)
Odyssey, odyssey!

Spin the wheel, take a chance
Every journey starts a new romance
A new world's calling out to you

Take a turn, off the path
Find a new addition to the cast
You know that any captain needs a crew

Take it in stride
As you move side to side
They're just different points of view
Jump with me, grab coins with me
Oh yeah!

Come on and jump up in the air (Jump up in the air)
Jump without a care (Jump without a care)
Jump up 'cause you know that I'll be there
And if you find you're short on joy (Find you're short on joy)
Don't fret, just don't forget that
You're still our 1UP boy

So go on straighten up your cap (Straighten up your cap)
Let your toes begin to tap (Toes begin to tap)
This rhythm is a power 'shroom
Don't forget you're the superstar (You're the superstar)
No one else can make it this far
Put a comb through that 'stache
Now you've got panache
Oh, let's do the odyssey!

It's time to jump up in the air (Jump up in the air)
Jump up, don't be scared (Jump up, don't be scared)
Jump up and your cares will soar away
And if the dark clouds start to swirl (Dark clouds start to swirl)
Don't fear, don't shed a tear, 'cause
I'll be your 1UP girl

Now listen all you boys and girls (All you boys and girls)
All around the world (All around the world)
Don't be afraid to get up and move
You know that we're all superstars (We're all superstars)
We're the ones who've made it this far
Put a smile on that face
There's no time to waste
Oh, let's do the odyssey!

Gaming / Videogame screenshots V2
« on: December 31, 2017, 09:33:20 AM »
The old one was locked so I thought I'd start a new one. Been playing Horizon Zero Dawn lately and I love the photo mode.


Gaming / Titanfall 2
« on: December 17, 2017, 05:59:27 PM »
Picked it up for £20, been sitting on my shelf for a while but never got round to playing it. I just popped it into my PS4 and beat the story mode in one sitting. I had no fucking clue what was going on in the plot, but I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Is the multiplayer fun?

The Flood / Spoiler Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« on: December 14, 2017, 09:22:45 AM »
Anyone else seen it yet? I just got back from it, don't want to talk about it too much if nobody else has seen it yet though.

Gaming / Shadow of War
« on: November 26, 2017, 09:43:17 AM »
Is it worth getting when there's a price drop and I don't really have anything else to play? There's not any new games I'm interested in, but I really enjoyed Shadow of Mordor.

I'll not be touching any of the lootboxes or downloadable shit but is the game itself fun?

The Flood / The Rock (film)
« on: November 25, 2017, 03:31:28 PM »

Thoughts on the movie? I think it's a legitimately good film, Michael Bay's best. I'm not sure what happened to him afterwards, but it's always worth a rewatch to remind yourself he COULD make a good film.

The Flood / Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindenwald
« on: November 17, 2017, 06:05:11 AM »

I still haven't been bothered to watch the first one, but maybe some people here liked it? Thought I'd post it in case anyone wants to talk about it.

The Flood / Justice League (2017)
« on: November 15, 2017, 06:13:32 AM »

Gaming / EA BF2 response becomes the most downvoted Reddit comment ever
« on: November 13, 2017, 05:58:14 AM »

Fucking lol. For comparison, the previous most downvoted comment was only at 24k. This is currently at 20k. Christ!

The Flood / The Prestige
« on: November 10, 2017, 02:55:35 PM »

Watched it for the first time this week. Despite vaguely knowing one of the spoilers, it was still a fucking good film that surprised me multiple times. Might even be my favorite Nolan film now.

Have you seen it? What did you think of it?

The Flood / Transformers the Last Knight review-
« on: November 02, 2017, 12:03:17 PM »
I know this seems a bit odd/late to post, but I felt compelled to write it. At work, we run our own online newspaper in which me and colleagues occasionally write reviews and articles, etc. One of my coworkers is a fucking fanboy who is unable to see negatives in ANY sort of nerdy shit and just praises it all endlessly. I came across his Transformers review today, and well...

He gave it a fucking 11/10. I couldn't let this go unpunished so I wrote my own to counter it. Thought I'd post it here, because why not.

Transformers: The Last Knight- It's like having your brain violated by a rusty drill

I really have to hand it to Michael Bay. He’s somehow managed to make each entry in his live- action Transformers series consistently worse to the point where it’s almost an art form. While the original cartoon was never much more than an extended advert to sell kids new toys, it’s always had a certain charm and endearing quality to it thas is evident in the amount of nostalgia people have for it. While it was fun noticing the many animation errors and continuity problems that plagued the show (an extensive list of which can be found online), the real heart of the show was seeing all the heroic Autobots clashing with the evil forces of the Decepticons every episode. Optimus Prime was the best.

In this film though? Not so much.

It’s a shame that the same can’t be said for The Last Knight however, which seems to go to great lengths just to perform an all-out assault on my senses throughout the entire thing. I’m not even sure this can even be called a movie, it’s a haphazard collection of scenes and sounds that have been somehow cobbled together to form what can only be described as a mess. Yeah that sounds more appropriate, from now on this will be referred to as a ‘mess’ rather than a ‘movie’.

The plot is more of the same of what you expect from one of these. There’s a magical maguffin that has been lost for centuries, and now the Decepticons want to find it for some reason or another, and the world is doomed. It’s up to a group of robots to rise to the challenge and save Earth. Oh yeah, there’s Autobots too.

Mark Wahlberg as the lead robot, C4DE-Y3AG4R

Let’s start off with what I can sort-of say I liked. For one thing, both the Decepticons and Autobots have a lot more character and personality now. In the previous movies, the Autobots were all bright, colorful and had somewhat distinct personas that set them apart. There was the heroic leader, the gruff heavy, the… racial stereotype? Anyway, in this new mess, both sides get their own share of actual characters (robots?) with a Decepticon introduction screen that looks like it came straight of the equally-abysmal Suicide Squad (text on screen, yay!)

It was also bizarrely enjoyable seeing an actor like Anthony Hopkins starring in tripe like this, delivering lines you really couldn’t imagine someone like him even thinking about. The fluff about King Arthur and his knights being connected with the Transformers was fine, I wasn’t really bothered by it at all.

The Arthurian connection is somewhat interesting, note the somewhat.

That’s about it for what I liked, but everything else in this mess was just horrendously bad. The story, if I can even call it that, feels like each member of the writing team turned up drunk to the meetings and slapped together some words onto a post-it note, then stuck it to a giant board while blindfolded, which was then used as the script. Optimus Prime somehow ends up meeting his ‘creator’, a female robot who mutters something about him being the only one who can save Cybertron, which is somehow not-destroyed but floating about in space like a wet piece of cardboard somebody dropped into the toilet, breaking apart but still somehow managing to remain intact. She tasks Optimus with finding her staff, which can do something, otherwise Cyberton will be destroyed, I think. I don’t really see what the point of this is, because apparently she’s already tasked Megatron with the job (offscreen, because I guess we don’t need to have these things explained to us.)

Poor guy. Apparently he wasn’t good enough for the job.

That’s it for the plot, basically. I could probably mention Optimus turning evil because it’s in all the marketing, but he turns good again after a few minutes of fighting so there’s not much point.

Characters come and go, and I think I’d much prefer the latter rather than the former because the main cast are so unlikeable and dull it felt like I was watching high-budget adult entertainment most of the time, without the good bits. The mess tries to appeal to a wider audience by including a no-nonsense young female character, but even she gets tossed by the wayside for the finale, in which M4rky-M4rk and the Junky Bunch save the day.

The special effects were great, but that’s to be expected at this point. The transformation sequences and robot designs are a joy to watch, and it’s nice to actually be able to tell them apart. On the other side of the technical side though, the movie was painful to watch due to the aspect ratio changing frequently. I don’t know who thought this was a good idea but many scenes were a janky mess, with characters being shown in different ratios during the same conversation.

Transformers: The Last Knight is such an unrelenting barrage of nonsensical garbage and hideous writing that I’m actually shocked that people enjoyed this mess. I’m truly relieved that it made far less than the other films because it seems that people are actually starting to wake up to the fact that this is the cinematic equivalent of aggressive diarrhea.

It’s no longer airing in theatres, and I don’t recommend you subject yourself to the torture of watching it.

The Flood / Flying to the Netherlands in the morning
« on: November 02, 2017, 08:38:01 AM »
-Need to walk to the train station to get a bus that leaves at 3.45 am
-Arrive at the airport around 6 am
-Mooch around the airport for 4 hours because that's what's recommended
-Fly to Schiphol, land at 12 am

Die on the spot because of lack of sleep

Sounds like a fun holiday lads. What do you recommend I do to keep myself busy/not bored during my 7 hours? I don't have my laptop but I got my Vita and 3DS.

The Flood / Worst new movie you've seen this year so far?
« on: November 02, 2017, 06:57:42 AM »
We're getting near the end of 2017 now and there's bound to be more stinkers before we're done but out of all the movies released in 2017 that you've had to witness, what was the unholy mother of garbage that has assaulted your eyes?

I'd have to vote Transformers 5. It felt like my brain was being raped with a rusty drill.

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