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The Flood / I just discovered this title bar I made from years ago
« on: June 13, 2019, 07:53:33 PM »
why did I ever abandon this? best titlebar ngl

maybe I should be a graphic designer

The Flood / hilda hilda hilda haha hilda children's cartoon
« on: June 10, 2019, 07:44:21 PM »
i  love children's cartoon

haha mommy no supper i want hilda

i will be pretty princess adventurer just like hilda haha

« on: June 08, 2019, 06:07:19 AM »
Just kidding - it's only another weekend update from the Video Club! I'm back in Asheville, which means I'm about to be a lot more active. That's one of the perks of wifi that doesn't get turned off at 11:00 every night. Anyway, we got some more nitro boosters, and I myself got nitro regular strength from Spagelo, so I figured I'd set up a cool little VIP area for the people nice enough to have done that!

#lounge is where you can post to let all the peasants see you but where they themselves can't post, but if you want an elite exclusive secret chat there is a backdoor

oh also a voice chat

only two more people away from level two!

Join us in the world of the future, today!

Fish, and plankton! And sea greens, and protein from the sea. It's all here, ready.

The Flood / Never go full Katie
« on: June 06, 2019, 07:17:16 AM »

I find this hilarious honestly

this is a real person on my facebook lol, I actually used to know her quite well. She's the sister of my old friend Kris

The Flood / do you like my new avatar?
« on: June 04, 2019, 07:01:04 PM »

here in town there's only she

who's as BEAUTIFUL as me!

so I'm making plans to woo and wed Ian

The Flood / Is this too hubristic?
« on: May 30, 2019, 06:32:22 PM »

I adore being on the very top, but I feel like this may decrease my likability among my followers - any suggestions?


legitimately looks like a solid adaptation - those who hate adaptations in general, stay out of this thread. It's for talking about the quality of this specific film and how good it is

To tinker with it a bit and increase the quality - set the playback speed to custom and type in 1.15x. Some people are saying 1.25x but that's a bit off tempo - 1.15x makes the song so much better and Disney should take note

end of video spoiler
"So how does it work?"

".....the whole song, was the instructions!!"

god I love meta humor so much. So fucking excited to see this one, I actually just watched the original on a few days ago so it's fresh in my mind

Hey guys, have you seen this new show? I like this show! It's fun and quirky while still being very intense in its characterizations and plotlines. I understand a show like this isn't for everyone, as it generally doesn't take itself very seriously, but I'm not ashamed for liking the things I like! Hope you can understand this sentiment, and maybe give this show a chance?

Either way, I hope everyone here is having a fantastic evening!

The Flood / NSFW oh damn
« on: May 25, 2019, 11:19:59 PM »

We've stopped at plenty of places, and in fact I had an excellent battered cod from Bob Evans tonight. I love the aesthetic of this restaurant, I won't lie. The drinks are even served out of mason jars.

What about you? All-time favorite restaurant and the last one you visited? How was the experience there?

My favorite restaurant in general is Red Robin, probably. Sure it's not the best but it's very nostalgic for me.

The Flood / is this not a good topic??
« on: May 25, 2019, 12:52:15 AM »'s-fear-had-made-her-a-bad-guardian/

why was this thread received negatively? how is a thread about literature bad when "I used to find black girls unattractive" is the norm?

The Flood / Aunt Josephine's fear had made her a bad guardian.
« on: May 24, 2019, 09:40:44 PM »
Aunt Josephine's fear had made her a bad guardian. A guardian is supposed to stay with children and keep them safe, but Aunt Josephine had run away at the first sign of danger. A guardian is supposed to help children in times of trouble, but Aunt Josephine practically had to be dragged out of the Curdled Cave when they needed her. And a guardian is supposed to protect children from danger, but Aunt Josephine had offered the orphans to Captain Sham in exchange for her own safety.
But despite all of Aunt Josephine's faults, the orphans still cared about her. She had taught them many things, even if most of them were boring. She had provided a home, even if it was cold and unable to withstand hurricanes. And the children knew that Aunt Josephine, like the Baudelaires themselves, had experienced some terrible things in her life. So as their guardian faded from view and the lights of Damocles Dock approached closer and closer, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny did not think "Josephine, schmosephine." They thought "We hope Aunt Josephine is safe."

Post your favorite quotes from A Series of Unfortunate Events!

Okay fine, any book quote. Gotta keep this thread alive somehow...

A former assassin, known simply as The Bride (Uma Thurman), wakes from a coma four years after her jealous ex-lover Bill (David Carradine) attempts to murder her on her wedding day. Fueled by an insatiable desire for revenge, she vows to get even with every person who contributed to the loss of her unborn child, her entire wedding party, and four years of her life. After devising a hit list, The Bride sets off on her quest, enduring unspeakable injury and unscrupulous enemies.
These classic films are some of my absolute favorites from Tarantino. Doubtlessly his most female-empowering works, they're also just fucking fantastic watches on their own! I think Part 1 was actually the first Tarantino flick I saw as a kid, and it probably influenced me to become the cinemaphile I am today. And yeah, we are a trans support server, but people of all gender identities are welcome, as long as you're somewhat progressively-minded. The link to our Club is here! I genuinely hope to see you around, despite any differences I may have had with this forum.

The link, if you just want to watch the films without joining the Club, is here. It will open 15 minutes before the film starts, at 10:45 EST.

The Flood / Solonoid is a fucking unstable person
« on: May 19, 2019, 05:29:30 PM »
And I LOVE how she doesn't even refer to me as "she" anymore, out of spite, despite flipping out whenever I would accidentally misgender her. I even unblocked her on discord so we could talk it out, but NOPE - she's still a child who is insisting that I'm a danger to others when anyone who knows me can attest that I've never, and would never, hurt a fly.

Sol, you're even welcome to join back on my server now if you'd like. I removed all bans a long time ago. There's nothing you can do to hurt me anymore, so I'm not scared of you, at all!


I was too liberal with who I gave my passwords to, and Oberon literally took over my server. It was only through shrewd negotiations over VC that I was able to get him to transfer power back to me peacefully. I changed all my passwords after that, and like -- that could've been the end for us if I didn't say the right things to him. He's not a bad person, and please forgive this cringy metaphor, but he's like a dragon. You can either try to slay him or reconcile with him and get him on your side. Everyone wanted me to just make a new server from scratch and say "fuck you Oberon", but I was more reasonable than that and all parties walked away with something good. You can never trust people on the internet, and this is a lesson for me to be so much more careful!

The Flood / Why are you STILL not part of my Video Club?
« on: May 17, 2019, 04:11:14 PM »

⎈ The Video Club is a trans support server where the gimmick is that we stream a different film EVERY night. I just feel like films connect us and let us identify with characters. Not to mention this is a great way to meet new friends and get as cozy as you need! Our server is organized, has a welcoming staff, and hosts tons of events - some related to film/tv, and some that aren't! If you're lonely at night and wish there was a place where you could chill with an amazing group of people, then this familiar place might be what you've been looking for all along!

I've never seen it, but people tell me it's about getting high and driving around the Pacific Coast, so I think it will be right up my alley! You guys are all welcome to join us as long as you keep it chill. Here's the link!

The Flood / Hilda is probably the best show ever
« on: May 15, 2019, 07:58:49 AM »

Watch this show it will soothe your soul

Just need some confirmation on that. These posts from the last few days hopefully shed some light on what a crazy, pathological liar she is. She makes up stories that are 100% not true and gets people to believe them. Such a fucking slimy snake who I wish I'd never met.

The Flood / YIKES
« on: May 13, 2019, 11:31:43 AM »

is that a confession officer?

The Flood / Solonoid actually called the Asheville PD on me LOL
« on: May 13, 2019, 10:15:17 AM »
They were gone in like three minutes hahaha. At first everyone thought it was Mike, our stepdad who made the call trying to fuck with me and get me locked up. My Mom and the cops believed that, and even I did to a point. But then my Mom gave Mike the benefit of the doubt and was like "I'm not saying it was definitely him", and the cops told us "it had something to do with a dead cat? you posted it on facebook and then wanted to hurt yourself?" At no point did they think I did that to the cat you fucking idiots. They were concerned for my mental health. My Mom vouched for me without question and verified that I went up to get us candy, and the cops looked at each other and were like "it could've been someone messing with you..." and my Mom started talking about my Internet friends and how she knew this would happen and all that. She did meet our stepfather Mike off the Internet, if you'll remember.

So yeah they left once it was obvious it was a prank call / someone antagonizing us situation. And now my Mom is beyond pissed at Sol once I told her all the despicable things she's said about me and knows about me. Take this as a lesson for who you talk to online. I'm friends with the entire e-world, though, and have nothing to hide, so I can be as honest as I want.

Sol thought she had power over me, and that power quickly was dissolved. I love it so much. This was a victory in the name of common sense and rationality today. Hopefully this should let you guys know I'm not some joke. I'm a respected person about this community and people know me. Please just crawl back into your awful little holes and don't bother me with your darkness ever again.

The Flood / My server now has 95 members
« on: May 13, 2019, 12:24:21 AM »

Thanks to a really inspirational post I made on r/truefilm, we have tons of members now. It also doubles as a trans support group. Sol's server has members, yes, but it has no soul. Please keep that in mind,

So this all happened because no one wanted to do anything with me today. Elliott was stuck on his tablet and Mom didn't want to watch a show or anything. So I asked, "if you guys don't want to do anything with me today, can you at least give me a dollar so I can walk up to the store and get a coke," to which she was like "I don't have a dollar, sorry." So I just said I'd find one myself, in my change and such.

I guess they didn't think I was serious or something, because as soon as I went into my room and flipped my couch up, my Mom went into her room and brought out like, three dollars in quarters. She said, "there's one dollar for you, one for Elliott, and one for me." Elliott's came from his stash, and I was thankful my Mom gave me a dollar. So the idea is I'd walk up there and get us each a dollar sized treat. Elliott wanted sour Skittles, my Mom wanted peanut M&Ms, and I wanted the little baggie of mini Twix.

So I walked up to Family Dollar - all is fine. I picked out those three items and I asked the lady there if Chris (the store manager) got her note that I stopped by the previous day to inquire about that job. She said yes, but that they were busy and had so much going on, but that he'd definitely call me because they're desperate for more workers. Awesome. So I'm pretty much set for that job.

I figured I'd stop and try to find John, because honestly I looked pretty nice and I wanted to tell him that I started HRT. I went down the tracks to find him, but couldn't. I figured I'd walk up to the second bridge and have a little reprieve there, see if anyone was headed this way, and then head back.

But what I found at the second bridge was so fucking disturbing and fucked up. At first I thought there were two of them, but then I realized it was just two halves of the same body. There was a dead cat there. She was so fucking fresh - she couldn't have died more than twenty minutes from when I got there. I think the train probably hit her. I was so sad.

Anyway, I took the bottom half of the cat and put her back onto the top half, so at least she had some dignity. I pet her, felt her, shooed away the flies that were quickly convening on her, and just cried. I looked into her eyes and she looked like she was still alive. It had to have happened so fucking recently. I almost considered burying her, or trying to taxidermize her, but I was like that's dumb. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my fucking phone with me, but I knew I had to go back out there and take pictures. So I set up some rocks in the shape of "DO NOT MOVE" on rhe tracks near it.

Once I did all that, I realized I just touched and handled a dead animal. So I took a detour and walked up the bridge and crossed the street to get into the gas station bathroom. I washed my hands and arms thoroughly, apologized to the clerk that I had just entered the place to use the bathroom, and went back down to the bridge and went home. I was sure to run when I could, because I didn't want night to fall and have my pictures be useless.

I got home, dropped off the candy, and told my Mom what happened. She understood, and I took my phone back out there to get some photos. It started raining, unfortunately, but I remembered that the cat was under the bridge and thus this wouldn't be a problem. I went there, took all my photos, and walked back to the first bridge. I met some new people there - told them about the cat and they didn't care, and us three waited for the storm to pass. The guy was a total dick to his wife/girlfriend but I held my tongue.

The storm cleared, they went up the tracks toward the second bridge and I went back home. The storm was intense as I walked home, but I was just glad I got those photos. I'll post them below in spoiler tags.

The corpse itself

My warning

So yeah. This little cat died because we just needed to move things faster. Life is so cruel and pointless. No morally conscious person isn't an antinatalist.

It's such a great film. I at least have plenty of DXM to enjoy it on, and idk maybe my mood will improve. We're making preparations in my discord and I'll post the link here when it's ready! It starts in about a half hour, at midnight EST. I'm making popcorn too.

and when she has people offering him 5k to have sex with her

why the fuck do you still come to this hellhole, you perfect person?

The Flood / Such an amazing song to end it on
« on: May 11, 2019, 12:10:32 PM »

"How It Ends" is so fucking apt,and I just have to post the lyrics.

Hold your grandmother's bible to your breast
Gonna put it to the test
You wanted to be blessed

And in your heart you know it to be true
You know what you gotta do
They all depend on you

And you already know
Yeah, you already know how this will end

There is no escape from the slave catcher's songs
For all of the loved ones gone
Forever's not so long

And in your soul they poked a million holes
But you never let em show
Come on, it's time to go

And you already know
Yeah, you already know how this will end

Now you've seen his face
And you know that there's a place in the sun
For all that you've done
For you and your children

No longer shall you need
You always wanted to believe
Just ask and you'll receive
Beyond your wildest dreams

And you already know
Yeah, you already know how this will end.

Yeah, I love this song. It's heartbreaking and contentful at the same time. Sometimes I feel like I'm not strong enough, and I've already done so many bad things anyway

The Flood / nvm I'll probs just delete my server
« on: May 11, 2019, 11:01:50 AM »
sol's server (and life) massively outclasses mine, please delete/lock that thread cheat

and yeah cheat + sol were right; hrt is doing nothing for me it's a placebo or just the dxm I was wrong

cant win them all w/e

The Flood / Join my new server! We host fun events!
« on: May 11, 2019, 09:57:13 AM »
We are the innest server out there -  we're small but who doesn't want to chat with traps, media connoisseurs, and musicians?
Excess negativity isn't welcome.

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