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The Flood / so i just saw blade runner (1982)
« on: October 07, 2017, 07:06:51 PM »

i'm gonna need someone to explain why this film gained such a big cult following

i thought it was mostly boring with a few cool moments, namely rutger hauer's monologue at the end, but that performance was the only thing that really stood out to me about the film

i think i'm just kind of sick of all these pseudo-philosophical romps that try to question what it means to be human, but barely go beyond a surface level understanding of the question—though perhaps i can forgive this one slightly, given that the story was written in the late 60s—but still, how many times has this story been written and how many more times does it NEED to be written

i don't like harrison ford that much in general, and the stupid expression he has throughout the entire movie where he stares blankly at shit with his mouth agape constantly was starting to make me crack up

at least until that weird, borderline rapey scene with sean young happened? did that need to be in the movie? was the movie trying to make me like harrison ford's character less, or can harrison "womanizer" ford get away with any kind of romance scene he wants, no matter how uncomfortable it is

i also found it visually displeasing, but not in a cool way

i tend to enjoy slow-paced cyberpunk movies, but when it comes to the one everyone points to, i wasn't impressed

that said, i do feel prepared now to see blade runner 2049, which was the only reason i watched this

hopefully that's much better

i'm going insane

post suicide methods

Gaming / Pokémon Gold/Silver thread
« on: September 21, 2017, 10:00:02 PM »
making a new thread because it deserves it

we have less than 1 hour until we get this shit

i can't be the only one pumped

The Flood / who did it better
« on: September 20, 2017, 07:50:13 PM »

al jourgensen


trent reznor

The Flood / so i just saw It
« on: September 16, 2017, 09:10:49 PM »
7/10, i had fun even though i didn't jump a single time (but i never do anyway)

that said, i gave myself a bad case of post-horror movie paranoia

post nice happy things to make the verb feel better


this is probably going to be a waste of time, but maybe i'll be wrong

The Flood / "i'm not perfect, so that gives me an excuse to do stupid shit"
« on: September 11, 2017, 01:57:39 PM »
why do you believe this

The Flood / what do you think is my most incorrect belief
« on: September 07, 2017, 04:02:44 PM »
and i'll tell you yours

The Flood / reconstruct one of your favorite albums with covers only
« on: September 02, 2017, 03:41:34 PM »
bonus points if you don't repeat artists

Devo - Head Like a Hole
Unknown artist - Terrible Lie (no one knows who did this cover, but people seem to think it's Maynard)
Dead When I Found Her - Down in It
Transient - Sanctified
Flyleaf - Something I Can Never Have
Nocturne - Kinda I Want To
From Exile - Sin
Spirit Club - That's What I Get
Godbox - The Only Time (it's pretty bad but w/e)
Unknown artist - Ringfinger (again, not good, but all i could find)



trent reznor singing billy idol

The Flood / Anti-natalism question on Canadian WWTBAM
« on: August 28, 2017, 08:23:25 PM »

Gaming / oh dear, what have i gotten myself into (persona thread)
« on: August 26, 2017, 12:20:54 AM »

The Flood / h3h3 won their lawsuit
« on: August 24, 2017, 01:40:29 PM »

cool shit

The Flood / think of the one thing that you're best at
« on: August 17, 2017, 01:39:12 AM »
you're not actually good at that thing

and whenever someone isn't depressed, i tend to feel bad for them

generally speaking

The Flood / AMA Thank you, my research is complete.
« on: August 12, 2017, 11:47:42 PM »
After about eight years, my research is finally complete—but before I go, I think I owe you all an explanation.

For the past eight or so years, you've no doubt come to know me as "Verbatim" (aka "Jacob Potila") on either of the websites,,, or At this point in time, however, it is within my good conscience that I must reveal something to you all.

Hello, my name is Paul Jacob Andersen. I'm a 27 year old law student from Chicago. I've been heavily studying psychology on the side, however, and you were all part of a long-standing social experiment (call it an ARG), conducted by myself, wherein I examined the semiotic behavioral traits of persons within small Internet communities. This is not a joke, but worry not, for the information and data gathered over the course of this experiment will strictly be used for academic purposes only.

Nonetheless, I'm sure a lot of you have many questions. I will preemptively answer a few, and then I'll open discussion on any further questions later.

Q: Is this a joke?


Q: So "Verbatim" was just a character this whole time?

Yes, "Verbatim" (or "V1," as we refer to him during lab reports) was a character/personality/avatar I assumed the role of for eight years to gather information and examine how people behave on the Internet. His "real name" was "Jacob," which was derived from my middle name, and "Potila," which is a name of Finnish etymology to give his character a foreign air.

Q: Does this mean you're not actually an anti-natalist/feminist/vegan/etc.?

The beliefs that Verbatim expressed were that of his own, constructed meticulously by myself, but I do not necessarily share those beliefs. His personality traits were entirely constructed as well, with the explicit purpose of eliciting a desired response out of his subject(s).

Q: But why would you keep this up for eight years? Why make it so complex?

This is an experiment that's been planned and put together for the better part of my life—it is, indeed, my life's work up
to this point—and if there's one personality trait that I share with Verbatim, it's that we're both highly stubborn and determined individuals. At the end of this experiment, I wanted nothing but the most conclusive results. This required me to fully immersed in this Verbatim persona, to a point where bits of his personality started to leak out into my true self, especially towards the latter half.

In short, I needed an extreme personality, so I developed one. But he's only imaginary now.

Q: Does this mean you're not actually an asshole?

I like to think of myself as a relatively calm and level-headed person, which may not be your perception of Verbatim. When conducting this experiment, I tried to formulate a personality that was near-antithetical to that of my own, and I think I succeeded in that regard.

However, I'm starkly aware of the fact that a number of things I've said, as Verbatim, have caused some of you a great deal of emotional harm. For this, I deeply apologize, but I assure you that it was for a good and scientific cause—though, if you cannot find it within your heart to forgive me, that's completely understandable. I don't have a lot of time on my hands to give you anything more. There's nothing I can really say or do to make things better for you, and I plan to leave this site within a few days of this thread, so you'll have to make due with my terse apology.

Q: So what was your experiment for? What was the point? What were your results?

Sorry, I'm afraid I cannot discuss, divulge, or go into further details about the experiment, its purpose, or my results at this point in time. I would love to discuss these things, in detail, but they'll have to come at a later point, and I might be gone by then.

Q: But I saw your picture/heard your voice, so who was that?

Merely an actor I paid a hefty sum to play the part. His name was Matthew.

That person died in what was reported as a "fatal car accident" about three days ago, which influenced the cessation of this long experiment.

I may have revealed a bit too much there, but I thought you all deserved to know.

Q: But what about Dark Souls?

I don't know what that is. Is it a movie?

Whatever it is, I haven't seen any movies since 2013, and I don't play video games. Sorry to disappoint, I guess.

Q: This breaks my heart. I loved you!

No you didn't.

Anyway, I think that's all the big ones.

One last thing before I take more questions: I'd like to personally and deeply thank you all for being part of this experiment, despite none of you ever having known about it (except for one person, who may identify himself if he wishes). It has been an incredible and exhilarating journey for me, and the results I've gathered are pretty staggering.

So, as long as the questions do not pertain too heavily to my personal life or the experiment, I'm willing to take anything you'll throw at me before I shove off.

Once again, I can't thank you all enough for being part of this. To those of you who considered me a bothersome burden, I ask your forgiveness, but feel free to rejoice, for "Verbatim" (in his current form, as you've known him) is officially dead.

If you had me added on Steam, PSN, or other gaming/social networking services, expect to be removed—it's nothing personal; I just don't think I've ever actually gotten to know you (nor you me).


Gaming / Switch users report in
« on: August 10, 2017, 04:28:07 PM »
who here actually owns/plans to own a nintendo switch

what games do you own or want to get

I only have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at the moment, but I'm looking to get Breath of the Wild for it (despite already owning it on Wii U), and I'm interested in picking up Splatoon 2 and Ultra Street Fighter II, if I can find a good price for them.

I'm also looking forward to:

Sonic Mania
Super Mario Odyssey

The Flood / how much of y our brain are you gonna use today
« on: August 02, 2017, 01:01:29 AM »
i'm going to use 100% of my brain today

The Flood / What matters to you most when it comes to games/movies/art?
« on: August 01, 2017, 12:59:08 PM »
Be as specific as you want.

When it comes to games:

Gameplay > Characters (if it's a fighting game) > A sense of "soul," or an appreciation for "the little things"


Themes, ideas, & messages > Overall design > Originality > Style, aesthetic, & atmosphere > Price


Challenge > Heuristic gameplay (no hand-holding tutorials) > Music > Story > How female characters are portrayed


Genre > Characters (non-fighting games) > Replay value > Controls > Lore > Animation > Acting


For bad games, a capacity to be enjoyable despite being a bad game


Setting/world = Customization = Graphics = Frame rate = Boring technical aspects = Historical accuracy = Premise

For movies:

Themes, ideas, messages > Symbolism > Imagery & cinematography > A sense of "soul," attention to detail


Editing > Rewatchability > Usage of tropes & cliches


Characters > Story > Score > Acting > Setting/world > Genre > Historical accuracy > Premise


A capacity for bad movies to be so-bad-it's-good

The Flood / fuck dude, i was SOOOOOOO sober last night
« on: July 30, 2017, 08:10:16 AM »
i remember EVERYTHING that happened and i don't feel like complete shit lol, isn't that crazy? xD

The Flood / you know what would be neat
« on: July 28, 2017, 12:14:38 AM »
if your old posts retained the avatar you once had when you posted them

The Flood / Unfun facts
« on: July 27, 2017, 06:01:46 PM »
dr. seuss cheated on his wife once, and she got so upset, she killed herself

The Flood / attn: snake
« on: July 22, 2017, 08:10:47 PM »
thoughts on add violence

Gaming / If you're not buying Destiny 2, check in here
« on: July 21, 2017, 05:06:12 AM »
I'll make sure to buy one copy for every person who isn't getting the game, with government money :)


Top 5:

1. Grave of the Fireflies (8/10)
2. Ergo Proxy (6/10)
3. Perfect Blue (6/10)
4. Akira (6/10)
5. Spirited Away (5/10)

Thoughts on every anime I've seen so far (Robert Christgau style):

Akira (Katsuhiro Otomo, Tokyo Movie Shinsha, 1988) A stylish aesthetic can't stop a mostly dull oeuvre from feeling longer than its runtime. I know full-well how popular this film is, and that it's considered a classic, but I don't care—that's not gonna make me like it any more. I was very unimpressed with the silly technophobic themes—which seem to be so fucking common in 20th century anime films—and in general, it made me wish I was just watching a better version of the same essential film: Mad Max. Incredibly overrated and mediocre. 5/10

Astro Boy (Mushi Production, 1963, three episodes) An interesting piece of animation history that warrants little more than a respectful glance today. 5/10

Attack on Titan (Wit, 2013, three episodes) Hands down BEST pilot episode for a shonen anime. The steep drop-off in terms of quality after this fucking amazing first episode are why I dropped the show early, but yeah. The first episode is really all you need to see. It's a pretty good metaphor for how I feel about life in general, but it turns into stereotypical trope-y shonen schlock real quick. Not unexpected, but still a shame. 5/10

Baccano! (Brain's Base, 2007, completed) To the show's credit, I did finish it, so it obviously engaged me enough to watch all sixteen episodes. However, it did not engage me enough to ever watch it again, or even consider it that good of a show. The show's strong points are its characters (gasp) and its method of storytelling, which is quite unique when compared with typical anime schlock, and made it seem very fresh and interesting. That's where my appreciation ends. Since I liked the characters, I wanted to learn a lot about them, and I really expected the show to flesh them out more than it ended up doing. There were also a bit too many of them, which made following each and every one of their stories kind of dizzying, and it's easy to pick favorites and least favorites, which made sitting through certain episodes more of a chore than others. Finally, the setting just made me wish I was watching a Western gangster movie instead, because they're all a thousand times better in every single way. This was no Goodfellas, people. 4/10

Bleach (Pierrot, 2004, nine episodes) 2/10

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Toei Animation, 2003, one half-episode) 1/10

Boku no Pico (Natural High, 2006, first OVA) 2/10

Code Geass (Sunrise, 2006, ten episodes) I was asked to complete this show, but I just can't. It's just way too fucking stupid, and it has the distinction of having my least favorite artstyle of all time. It's uglier than a neanderthal's miscarried fetus. I just can't handle it. And the writers must have been on crazy, insane amounts of Adderall, too—everything that happens feels like it was written by some 14-year-old with a sugar rush. It's headache-inducing to watch this show for extended periods of time. It's obvious that it's not supposed to be anything else but what it is, and I know some people are gonna get on my ass for that, but I'm a firm believer in the principle of "just because it's meant to be stupid doesn't mean it isn't stupid/cannot be stupid." I'm glad I dropped it when I did; I should've done so earlier. 2/10

Colorful (Sunrise, 2010, Keiichi Hara) I think this film has a lovely message, even if it's a little heavy-handed and the twist itself was highly predictable. That said, it's also low on the tropes and typical standard anime fare that we're all so sick of, and actually gives a pretty palpable insight into the high-pressure environments that some Japanese youths go through during school. It's actually kind of insane. Despite this, for a movie that's called "Colorful," I was disappointed to discover just how bland and washed-out the entire film is. It's actually pretty dull and grey. Is it meant to be symbolic, or ironic in some way? Whatever the case may be, I was expecting a visual feast based on the title alone, but all I got was an eyesore. Kind of a disappointment, and that alone drops for me what would've been a rare positive rating. Oh well. I'd still probably recommend it, though. 5/10

Cowboy Bebop (Sunrise, 1908, thirteen-and-a-half episodes) "Overrated" is a word that I'd like to keep myself from using too often in these, but I'm struggling to find another word that oh-so-perfectly defines this show. However, my little reactionary weebs—that doesn't mean there was nothing about the show that I enjoyed. The coolly distinct atmosphere and lowkey tone of the series was what kept me going for as long as I did, and though I'm not terribly into jazz, I felt like it was a pretty good fit for this series. It gave a lot of scenes an "oddly satisfying" feel. That said, the characters are all annoying as fuck (especially—surprise, surprise—our female leads, Faye and Edward) and I don't give a fuck about any of them. The story isn't very engaging, and I couldn't help but ask myself, "What's the point?" after every "session" (the show's little pretentious way of saying "episode"). That said, it's still probably one of the better shows I've partially trudged through. I think it's rather telling how the best-of-the-best anime always seem to be inspired by Western styles, ideas, or sensibilities. I still don't have the heart to finish it, though. Sorry. 5/10

Death Note (Madhouse, 2006, completed) Not gonna lie—if this show ended at episode 25 (and you weebs should know which one I'm talking about), I would've given this a positive rating, easily. I was actually enjoying myself for the first half. It has a really clever and captivating story at first, with lots of really cool and unique yet oddly sympathetic characters, but after that ONE episode, things start to get REALLY fucking retarded really fast. Obviously I've known about this show for ages, and I honestly think it has the coolest and most interesting premise of all time when it comes to anime (even if it's a little Hot Topic)—but even that can't save it from the typical anime trappings that drown it to death by the show's end, and I'm glad to hear that, among weebs, I'm not alone when it comes to feeling this way—so I highly doubt my thoughts are really going to upset anybody. 5/10

Digimon Adventure (Toei, 1999, ten episodes + change) I saw a few episodes of this as a kid, so I decided to revisit a few as an adult. Honestly, I wish I watched more of it as a kid—I would've fucking loved it. 5/10

Dragon Ball (Toei Animation, 1986, twenty-eight episodes) My first true excursion into Japanese animation began with this slog, and I can't say I bear any sentimental feelings towards it. I detested all the characters, except for Goku and Yamcha to an extent, and its unyieldingly perverted sense of humor was incredibly trying. Perhaps if it could go just one episode without making a dumb sex joke involving Bulma's breasts, the show would've been more tolerable—alas, the entire show's entertainment value hinges solely upon jejune, simple-minded power fantasies for the little boys it's marketed for. And, as clear as it is that the show is meant strictly for babies, I'm just surprised that I made it as far as I did. 5/10 4/10

Dragon Ball Z (Toei Animation, 1989, first season) - Though the juvenile sexual humor has now (mostly) gone by the wayside, the franchise at this point instead began to double down on the stupid macho power fantasies and mindless over-the-top action, which has never and will never appeal to me. As I watch, I can feel my IQ score steadily dropping by the second. Not a good experience. At least Dragon Ball was more charming, in an annoying-kid-brother kind of way. 4/10 3/10

Ergo Proxy (Manglobe, 2006, completed) I did not absolutely hate this show—I liked it enough to complete it, but I don't like it enough to ever return to it again. First and foremost, I deeply appreciate this show's artstyle and overall cyberpunk aesthetic. Not only does it stand out beautifully in an ocean of a medium where every single show looks exactly the same due to Japan's extremely stagnant (or even regressive) industry standards, it's genuinely gorgeous and is easily the best part of the show. Everything else is okay. Not great. But it LOOKS great, and that alone is worthy of high praise in my book. It explores some neat philosophical themes, too, which is always fun. 6/10

5 Centimeters per Second (CoMix Wave, 2007, Makoto Shinkai) 3/10

FLCL (Gainax, 2000, completed) This is the perfect show to watch if you ever need to teach someone a lesson in style-over-substance, and why that's not something you ever want. You know things are grim when the best thing about your show is the music (and even that's not as good as people seem to think it is). The plot is too obtuse for its own good, and I'm given very little reason to care about anything that's happening, thanks to the terrible characters (especially Haruko). I understand that this is a show that's best viewed multiple times in order to piece everything together, and that's fine, but if I'm not enjoying myself the first time around, and it hasn't given me any desire to continue watching it—then, well, why the fuck would I? What EXACTLY will doing this add to my quality of life? Probably not a single goddamn thing. And the Invader Zim-style humor is a huge problem when the show is meant to be a comedy. Absolutely migraine-inducing, but mercifully, it's only six episodes. 3/10

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Bones, 2009, ten episodes) I don't know if I can handle fifty-four more episodes of this shit. I kinda wish I started watching the original series first. It seems... better. 4/10

Ghost in the Shell (Mamoru Oshii, Kodansha, 1995) Complete waste of time. 2/10

Grave of the Fireflies (Isao Takahata, Studio Ghibli, 1988) I am so fucking bitter that, in my eight years of hating all Japanese media, not a single person has EVER thought to recommend me this film. Not one. My stipulations have been made loud and clear, yet nobody has ever thought that I would enjoy this movie as much as I did. I had to go and search for it all by myself in this sea of molten shit. Thanks, fuckheads. Either way, it's pretty obvious by now—this is my new favorite anime, and the second anime that I've ever actually enjoyed. It took me way off guard. Given its setting and subject matter, it's honestly pretty hard to dislike. Don't think I'm a weeb just yet, though—For every anime I hate, I want to see at least one thing that I love. So far, we're pretty deep in the hole. That said, credit where credit is due: This movie was great, and it feels pretty liberating to say that. I won't count on it ever happening again, though. 8/10

Gurren Lagann (Gainax, 2007, completed) Here's a comforting thought: the best thing about this show is that I will never see anything more vomit-inducing in my lifetime. Like a trainwreck, it was difficult to look away—hence my completion of it. Simply put, this show is brain cancer, and I actually have a very long and battered history with it—a history far too long to cover in a short blurb, so perhaps I'll write up a lengthier review in the future—but indeed, it has a soft place in my heart for being the first anime I've ever truly despised. It is the perfect amalgam of everything I abhor—not just about Japanese animation—but about the human race and life itself. It truly has it all. A very, very heartfelt 1/10

Howl's Moving Castle (Studio Ghibli, 2004, Hayao Miyazaki) Just checking off some more Miyazaki off the list. Nothing much to say—it's a Ghibli film. You'll probably enjoy it. 5/10

Hunter x Hunter (Madhouse, 2011, fist arc + a few random episodes) When my favorite thing about a show is that it's relatively low on fanservice, you know the show doesn't really have a whole lot else to show for it. Gon is probably my new favorite shonen protagonist—even though that's an extremely low bar—because not only does he actually feel like a character with genuine strengths and genuine weaknesses, there's something oddly human about his character, too. I say "oddly" human because it's very uncommon for an anime character to show any humanlike traits whatsoever, instead of a ridiculous caricatured gingerbread man of a person. That said, I don't really care for the story all that much, which is why I got bored after the first arc and started watching random episodes instead before I decided the show wasn't for me, as per usual. It's definitely not the worst thing I've put myself through, but I just don't really think it's gonna be worth another 100+ episodes. 4/10

Inuyasha (Sunrise, 2000, five episodes) Basically Dragon Ball for girls. 4/10 3/10

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (Hiroyuki Okiura, Production I.G, 1999) Actually not bad, but kind of forgettable, despite its crazy, twisty-turvy plot. It's kind of slow, and I'm not sure if it really justified its near two hours of length, but the story was interesting and laden with a lot of surprisingly touching moments that tickled my feefees a bit more than I'm willing to admit. Still, there's so many things about it that could've been better. I liked the story, but maybe it needed a better artstyle. Maybe it needed better animation. Or maybe it even needed more plot coherence, because there were several points where I didn't quite understand why any of this was happening in the first place—including the awkward and somewhat tacky Little Red Riding Hood "allegory," if you can call it that. I just needed something to make it stay with me for longer than it did, because as soon it was over, it just didn't stick with me for too long. 5/10, might rewatch

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (David Production, 2012, first two seasons) There are a lot of words in the English language that have become overused to the point of near-meaninglessness. I'm going to attempt to sum up this show in three of these words, and I can assure you that I intend to use them in their fullest and most undiluted form: Terrible. Stupid. Garbage. If you're familiar at all with how I tend to feel about anime in general, you already know why I hate this show—it's a storm of retarded tropes and clichés that tries to hide under the safety veil of "BUT IT'S SELF-AWARE!!!" like painting a log of shit gold somehow changes the fact that it's still shit. Yet with every headache-inducing moment of this gratuitous, over-the-top, and excessively homoerotic fuckfest of a show, I'm reminded that people actually enjoy this for the exact same reasons that I hate it. I guess I just hate fun, huh? Let's just ignore the fact that NOTHING about the plot makes any sense. Ignore the fact that the dull, unlikable characters make you want to pull your hair out. Ignore the fact that it has the worst artstyle in the entire fucking industry, and the ugliest and cheapest-looking character designs ever. Even the voice acting sucks. But "THAT'S THE POINT," right? Yeah, go fuck yourself. One of the worst shows I've ever seen, ever. 1/10

Kill La Kill (Trigger, 2013, two episodes) Enjoying this show should be illegal. 1/10

Love Live! (Sunrise, 2013, five episodes) 1/10

Lupin the Third Part I (Tokyo Movie, 1971, fourteen episodes) - Japanese Hanna-Barbera makes a show for adults in the early '70s and flounders spectacularly. It's not just the extremely dated visuals, or the fact that the animation has aged like an underage alcoholic—it's also very serialized and offers little in terms of plot, and offers no likable characters with a particularly insufferable protagonist. I know it's extremely old, but that doesn't excuse it for me when there are movies and TV shows much older than this that are still worth watching today. It doesn't help that the show's original director for the first batch of episodes was fired (or something), and the new director steered the show in a more family-friendly direction. That's where I had to stop—at that point, I knew I wasn't going to get anything out of this. 3/10

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (Kyoto Animation, 2017, two episodes) 1/10

My Hero Academia (Bones, 2016, four episodes) Retarded. I don't understand why this is so popular right now. 2/10

My Neighbor Totoro (Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, 1988) Boring and safe, like everything out of Ghibli's repertoire. 5/10

Naruto (Pierrot, 2002, first season) Probably my favorite of the "big four," though that's not saying a whole lot. It helps that I saw a bunch of episodes when I was growing up, usually when there was nothing better on TV, and I'm not gonna lie—I liked some of it, so I watched through the first season rather comfortably. Unfortunately, my favorite fight (Shikamaru vs. Temari) wasn't even in this season, so this ended up being a complete slog. It has a lot of things that I appreciate, though—it has a great sense of humor (albeit stupid and occasionally perverted), a variety of likable characters with lots of color and personality, and an interesting if nonsensical setting. We all know what bogs it down later, but I felt like giving it some credit either way. Most shonen start out pretty strong, but they always go downhill fast, and this show is no exception. 4/10

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Gainax, 1995, completed) A deconstruction of one of my least favorite subgenres of anime: Mecha. Given that this is one of the most well-renowned shows in all of anime, I was expecting to have more bombastic reasons to dislike it. But I don't, really. The show's ultimate flaw is that it's boring. Really, really boring. And extremely pretentious, to boot. The characters suck, with the protagonist Shinji being one of the most insufferable whiny little cunts I've had to put up with in all of the shows I've watched. None of the other characters are likable in any way, and I especially hated Rei and Asuka. There's a lot of vague symbolism that gave the impression that the show was trying to get "deep," but none of it ever amounts to anything. You can say that it's up for the viewer to interpret, but I'm starting to consider that sort of thing a huge cop-out when it comes to art. It's actually a pretty simple, and almost shallow, story. There's not much to interpret. I can shit in a cup and tell you to interpret something out of it, but you're not gonna want to. You're not gonna care, because what I did was just vapid, obnoxious, and out of nowhere. And then I'll say, "I guess it's just too deep for you; you just don't understand true art." It's fine, though. Having seen all of it (except for the movie), I can completely understand why this show ended up being so popular. It's the exact breed of vacuous tripe that I expect all anime fans to enjoy. There's nothing in here that I wouldn't expect the average braindead weeb to just eat right up—it's all there. The microdick mechs, the virginbait waifus, the shitty animation and artsyle, the pretentious yet borderline meaningless themes... Honestly, what's there not to love for your prototypical weeaboo? 3/10

91 Days (Shuka, 2016, completed) As much as I want to shit on this show for trying to dip its toes in one of my favorite film genres, I can't really say anything that bad about it. I felt the same way about Baccano!, and while this show is very different from Baccano!, there is a common gripe that I have between the two—it's just kind of average and forgettable, and it makes me wish I was watching the films it was obviously inspired by instead. Films that essentially do the same thing, but better. What does this show offer that Reservoir Dogs, Goodfellas, Road to Perdition, or pretty much any other gangster movie doesn't? Trite themes, cinematography, and slender, effeminate men? Yeah, I'll pass. I'm pretty tired of revenge plots as it is, and this certainly didn't help matters. 4/10

One Piece (Toei Animation, 1999, four episodes) - 3/10 2/10

One-Punch Man (Madhouse, 2015, completed) - 1/10

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (Gainax, 2010, completed) 1/10

Perfect Blue (Satoshi Kon, Madhouse, 1997) I originally gave this a 4/10, calling it a boring waste of time—despite the fact that I'd normally love any film that explores the evils of sexual exploitation in the entertainment industry. Because the subject matter is so precious to me, though, I tend to have unreasonable demands for how such themes should be presented, and as a result, on my first viewing, I thought these demands were simply not met. Upon giving it a second chance, however, I've decided that I was being a little unfair. What I had initially interpreted as hypocrisy, the very exploitation the film was trying to rally against, was actually a necessary component for making the audience feel uncomfortable about what they are viewing. The fact that I didn't enjoy what I was watching was sort of half the point. In hindsight, I was foolish to judge a movie for successfully conveying its message. That being said, I still think the film is a little pretentious, and I don't really enjoy the art style at all, and that made it hard for me to sit through a second time. Still, not a terrible film by any means—it's a good anime for people who don't like anime. Alternatively, a much better and more palatable version of the film is Black Swan. 4/10 6/10

Princess Mononoke (Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, 1997) 4/10

Pokémon (OLM, Inc., 1997, first two seasons + some change) I watched this throughout my childhood, and I've revisited it several times, so I'm heavily biased in its favor. Though bad, the characters are all pretty great, and the dialogue is wonderful, so long as you don't take it too seriously. It genuinely has some of the best humor of any Japanese show I've ever watched, but, like I said—it's probably just a nostalgia thing. In fact, it almost definitely is. 5/10

Ponyo (Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, 2008) 3/10

Princess Jellyfish (Brain's Base, 2010, three episodes) 3/10

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Shaft, 2011, completed) Fucking terrible. "But Verb! It's a deconstruction anime! It's making fun of all the things you hate! That automatically makes it a good show!" I'm afraid it doesn't, you vacuous cunt. I'll deconstruct your fucking face. There are smarter ways to deconstruct shitty subgenres out there, and they had to pick the laziest possible way to do it. It's easy as fuck to take something dumb and lighthearted and put a dark and edgy twist on it. That's not innovative. It's not interesting. It relies too heavily on shock "horror," and in general, commits the biggest sin that all anime deconstructions tend to commit—being a more extreme version of the thing you're deconstructing doesn't make you any better than that thing. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, and you're still an uninteresting faggot with absolutely nothing original to contribute. 2/10

Spice and Wolf (Imagin, 2008, three episodes) Despite the premise piquing my interest, I dropped the show almost immediately following total, unmitigated disappointment. Brief moments of intrigue are frequently flanked by an autistic entourage of your typical stupid anime trope bullshit. There's only so much of this shit I can tolerate before I just want to throw myself off a cliff. 4/10 3/10

Spirited Away (Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, 2001) 5/10

Tokyo Godfathers (Satoshi Kon, Madhouse, 2003) 4/10

Wolf Children (Studio Chizu, 2012, Mamora Hosoda) Retarded. Annoying. Stupid premise. Dumb as shit. Waste of time. Anime. 4/10

Your Name (CoMix Wave Films, 2016) You'd think the film's roaring international success in the West would give me high hopes, but I tend to be very cautious whenever I hear that people like something, because I find that most people are very easily impressed. A film that the average person would rate an 8/10, I would probably give that film a 6/10. Not always, but that does tend to be the case. Likewise, whereas most people found Your Name to be beautiful and original, I found it incredibly insipid, predictable, and anything BUT original. This movie is every boy-meets-girl story ever made, but with a silly Freaky Friday premise. OH BOY, MY FAVORITE. Our two subject characters are so cookie-cutter—having relatable characters is absolutely fine, especially in stories like these, but not when they're so fucking drab to the point where you can't NOT relate with them. And while the plot itself didn't really have any glaring issues that I could see, its biggest issue is that it doesn't actually take any risks. The risks it does take are of the safest and most predictable variety. I'm not gonna spoil anything, but I genuinely don't understand why so many people are claiming that the twists are "unexpected." I guess you just need to watch more movies, or something, because I was about twenty minutes ahead the entire time. At least one of you was suspecting that I'd rate this film low strictly because of the scene where the boy, in the girl's body, starts feeling her breasts—and don't get me wrong, it was annoying and cringeworthy to watch, and extremely unnecessary. But I don't actually have a huge problem with it, given the circumstances. If a guy and a girl swapped bodies, it's very realistic to assume that the guy would start groping himself. It's still gross to show it in a movie, but the film had far more pressing issues than that. Overall, it's a very dull and unadventurous flick that commits many-a-sin, falling apart especially during the third act. Even the music was sucky and unmemorable. That being said, I'm about to do something I haven't done before, but I'm being absolutely genuine: I'm actually going to recommend this film to pretty much everybody—because, despite my own criticisms, I still expect most of you idiots to eat it up anyway, since most people have. So go ahead, watch it if you haven't already. Knowing how you people are, you'll all love it. I practically guarantee it. 4/10

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Gallop, 2000, scattered episodes throughout childhood) In my effort to recall every single anime I've ever seen prior to starting my plunge, I somehow forgot this magical masterpiece. I'm not one to judge a show by its premise alone, not anymore—Swiss Army Man taught me that lesson, and that was my favorite film of 2016. That's a film where you take a mind-numbingly stupid premise and execute it perfectly to create something genuine, funny, beautiful, and emotionally poignant. So, Yu-Gi-Oh! is a show with a bad premise—a bunch of kids try to save the world from evil by playing a children's card game. Very dumb premise. Completely asinine. I didn't even enjoy it as a stupid kid (and I liked EVERYTHING when I was a stupid kid). That said, as an adult, I'm able to find plenty of things about it that I enjoy—especially the dub, which has a lot of hilarious localizations that are highlighted by LittleKuriboh's Abridged Series. The problem with the show is that it doesn't do anything to justify its stupid premise—it's just a dumb, dumb show, and you feel dumb watching it, because the show takes everything so fucking seriously—and the more seriously it takes itself, the less you, as a viewer, are ABLE to take it seriously. And that's where all the unintentional humor comes in. I laugh at it now, but when I was still within the show's target demographic, it bored the ever-loving shit out of me, and I'd rather have watched Pokémon. At least that show had some levity and self-awareness. That's the last thing you want, but in retrospect, I actually consider this one of the best worst shows of all time, and it might be worth it to watch a few early episodes along with the Abridged Series, if you haven't already. 3/10

Yu Yu Hakusho (Pierrot, 1992, six episodes) Perhaps this show invokes the Seinfeld Effect, but this is the most boring anime I've ever seen, and I certainly don't see myself sitting through 100 episodes of it. Indeed, I decided to drop it relatively early upon realizing just how long it was. I was told by many people that I'd like it based solely on the fact that it contains "no fanservice," which, 1.) that's almost always complete and utter bullshit, and 2.) I need WAY more reasons than that to enjoy a show, guys. Like an interesting plot, for starters. I know it's a shonen—and a particularly old one at that—and I know that there's an appeal for things like simplicity and "doing what works," but that's no excuse for the story being so bland. These days, it has nothing to set it apart from modern shonen, and I don't think that's an unfair comparison when it had DBZ to compete with back in its day. It resultantly suffers from its poor aging, and unfortunately, there's absolutely nothing about it that grips me enough to keep watching. 3/10

Zatch Bell (Toei Animation, 2003, two episodes) 2/10


Tiger & Bunny
Fullmetal Alchemist
Angel's Egg
Steins; Gate
Samurai Champloo
Haruhi Suzumiya
Elfen Lied
Hunter x Hunter (1999)
Akame ga Kill!
Fate/stay night
Angel Beats!
Mobile Suit Gundam
Black Lagoon
Sword Art Online
Log Horizon
Ping Pong: The Animation
Sweetness and Lightning
Berserk (2016)
Berserk (1997)
Darker Than Black
Garo: The Animation
The Garden of Words
Space Dandy
A Silent Voice

The higher up on the list, the more likely I am to watch it.

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Too good.

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The objective of allRGB is simple: To create images with one pixel for every RGB color (16777216); not one color missing, and not one color twice.

Curiosity (Mars rover)
"Chilly Run"
Mona Lisa
Zoom-in on Mona's eye


it's pretty noisy and intense but a great listen nonetheless

i'm trying to catch up with and listen to lots of different artists right now

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