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The Flood / Re: Who are you?
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Gaming / Re: 2O19 Gaming Stats
« on: January 16, 2020, 01:19:22 AM »
Wait, I'll get to my laptop later this day and post my relevant activity stats. Not the top 5 steam games because I already done it in another thread. I'll post my stats and, if I won't be modest, maybe some of what I consider to be my personal achievements and findings.

The Flood / Re: Traps Are Gay
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The Flood / Re: Traps Are Gay
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The Flood / Re: Yesterday was my birthday
« on: January 14, 2020, 03:17:11 PM »
Happy Birthday

The Flood / Re: Nevermind
« on: January 14, 2020, 02:36:47 AM »
i am in the office of twilight and my boss is insomnia
I am in Brass Embassy and my boss is Satan himself

The Flood / Re: mODS ARE ASLEEP
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The Flood / Re: mODS ARE ASLEEP
« on: January 08, 2020, 05:55:21 PM »

i exclusively code in C cause im a fucking chad

tbh tho C is actually my favorite language not even joking. with C i can do whatever the fuck i want whenever the fuck i want wherever the fuck i want. i got no problem dealing with the nitty gritty parts of C people hate. I can malloc my own memory ty very much. i like the low-level of abstraction as i get to have complete control over everything that happens in my code.
I'm coding in C# mostly, not exclusively, not really because I like it but because I ended using it the most. I wish to learn either C++ or C, but it takes time to learn and I don't feel like I have time to convert into it. I can't do much with C# alone either, partially because I'm not really good, partially because it lacks some tools. Funnily enough best thing I've written there is parser, I parsed sites with laptops and their prices and then outputted them into table or database. Funnily because C# is not even suits well for parsing.

so heres the deal. im like a mathy logic cunt. aint really interested in web dev type shit. miss me with that front end shit. like seriously that shits boring to me. if imma be backend id wanna be making some actual dank algorithms or like mathy shit. aint doing no fuckin database shit or server networking shit. HTTP more like HTTPhucking boring that shits boring. i like math.
Oh yeah, fuck web dev, frontend especially. No 1 annoying thing there is clients not being satisfied with how their site looks while programmer not being satisfied with what domain name they picked, No 2 is frameworks and how shit breaks when you update framework or PHP version, that sucks. Backend... ehh I think I can do databases and shit but PHP annoys me...

to empower your webdev experience

alright OSs. so lemme see here. fuck coding on windows because it sucks ass so thats out. if u code on windows ur a masochist or your just wrong. i been using MacOS lately since i got a MacBook but i prefer coding on linux but only slightly.

i fucked around partitioning a hard drive once for a linux distro (MintOS I think) but didnt fuck with it for long. my uni’s computer labs got Red Hat Enterprise Linux and that’s worked well enough for me. its also maintained by our university IT department so its p gucci. our uni’s supercomputers run Red Hat I believe and you can SSH in to code remotely. Btbh ive not delved deep into the world of linux distros enough to be some snob about X or Y distro. in general tho i like coding on linux. shits just smooth ya feel. made by devs for devs.
I tried to learn linux but I either didn't have time or maybe just didn't put enough effort into it, but I will convert to it one day. I wanted to convert once but I had test task with software that didn't have option to use it in Linux, so I was doing it in Windows... I have still virtual mashine and have Mint on it, and I have also Kali distro lying somewhere, maybe learn Kali one day and going to do hacking and stuff.

Yeah, but windows sucks, generally, only thing you would use it is for gaming, but I'd rather sacrifice all games and switched to linux. I will eventually. Hopefully.
im currently taking a computer graphics course and i gotta say for the first time in college i am actually passionate about a  class. like ive always enjoyed coding sure but “coding” is a very general term. i like the math and logical flow that goes into coding. my mind is just good at that. shit makes sense to me. IMO web dev is just not my thing cause it’s not the type of development I’m interested in. It’s not the mathy logic algorithmic stuff i like. tho if ur bad at math but like coding then i can see the appeal. not to shit on web devs or anything it’s just a different path completely from my own interests and skills. (web devs are CS majors who failed Calc 2 dont @ me)
Computer graphics... Hmm, I can make 3D models using SolidWorks. I actually used SolidWorks API for C# and I wrote a program that built me a 3D model of PC power supply in SolidWorks and I then researched it for different conditions like does cooler manages to cool it down, what temperature is there etc. I then asked my teacher to give me job in it and he gave me two test tasks. First test task was easy, I did it in less than week, I modelled gears and then I assembled them in a system of 4 gears, 3 was forming a triangle and the forth was inside, and task was by using 3 gears outside assemble a system of gears that would change direction of gear inside and I done it. I flopped on the second task, which was to model a wall relief and I was only given a photo, no sizes and I almost done it but I spent like 3 months doing it. I didn't really like doing it and maybe it's better that I failed. I like programming more than 3D graphics.

fuckit ill talk about my fav editor/IDE even tho that ain’t part of the tech stack. first of all fuck vim btw miss me with that bullshit it’s 2019 ur not cool ur the fucking CS equivalent of a boomer. fuck off. ok now that we all agree vim is for fucking incels who think theyre better than everyone else at coding, im proud to announce my fav editor/IDE is Atom. Atom fucking slaps. slaps so hard dude. literally u can do whatever u want. customize that shit however u want. u wanna FTP to work on some remote files? you got it. u want an IDE for whatever the fuck language ur using? click a button and its yours. and dude its all free baby.
As C# "dev" I ended up using Visual Studio... on low end laptop.. Sometimes I just turn it off and use notepad, because resources.

I'll keep in mind about Atom if I manage to learn C, thanks about that.
so anyway lets see what bastardized tech stack I can make here

My fav tech stack:
Linux, OpenGL, C, GLSL, GLEW, GLFW, ASSIMP, and yeah fukkit i count Atom in my stack cause its dope and I like it lmao dont @ me
My stack that I still remember how to use it:
C#, SolidWorks, Visual Studio, XAMMP.

I also know a bit of Lisp, because I was reading SICP, which I managed to read 2 chapters only, but it still helped me a lot. I used in uni all those math software like COMSOL, MathLab, AutoCad. I also was learning all these programming languages in uni which don't remember anymore like C++, Java, basic Web Dev package etc.

by the way sorry im a bit tardy with my replies. i aint gone just yet im just havin the most stressful week right now definitely most stressful of this semester but probably all of college. not even related to classes. im dealing with bullshit thats putting the future of my organization at risk and its been eating up all of my time. the proverbial shit aint just hit the fan; God launched his shit at a wind turbine and aimed it directly at my fucking face. so yeah fuck me im pretty fuckin stressed but things are lookin good after today. had a few meetings that went really well. have another one tomorrow. then on friday, i'll take God's shit, which I've so carefully scraped off my fucking face, and present it to the powers that be. its gonna be an interesting week. fuckin hell dudes send me good vibes i need em
This is fine, sorry that my answer is all over the place and not really related to what you wrote. I am also going through rough stuff, my grandfather died recently and he was 89 years old and we was ready to it so we dealing fine with it, my mom felt and broke her main hand while we were going to graveyard and I'm right now only operational person in family and I do most of housekeeping in this house that additionally doesn't have canalization and I also have to write paper for masters diploma before end of this year, so that too. I also haven't found a job because I suck alot and I tardy as well, I fail to put effort in it.

Yeah, but this is fine, I just have to pull it off as I already did before and just put effort into things. That's my only flaw - to fail to put effort into things. As long as you try your best you'll manage shit.

On C#, C, C++:

C# is a pretty powerful language, but I agree, not the best for many applications. It's basically Microsoft's clone of Java.
I used it quite a bit this semester. It was very easy to pick up since I already knew Java. It's used in Unity, and since I used Unity to make a game this semester as a project, I used C# a lot. It's good for game dev cause its object oriented and it manages memory. if you havent used C or C++ for instance u prolly dont know much about memory management, but not having to do it manually is p nice. i like managing my own memory tho cause i like to have complete control over whats going on under the hood, which is one reason i love C so much. C is as "under the hood" as its gets short of like assembly language.

I definitely recommend learning C++ and/or C. These are staples and great stepping stones to later learn other languages. most languages are based off of C either directly or indirectly so yeah. C++ adds a ton of nice stuff tho like being object oriented

On web dev:

yup fuck web dev. fuck front end. i could do it just fine but id hate my life.

php is outdated. ive used it. it works, its easy, but its outdated.

that pic in your post is funny. definitely a common occurrence in the industry. at that point the best option is to start from scratch but unfortunately thats not always an option. development cycles have deadlines, so shit like that happens a lot where many different devs keep adding shit to some frankenstein abomination over the years, making it more and more fucked until you need a rosetta stone to translate it. clear and concise documentation is a must so shit like the login button color issue doesnt happen. thats such a cursed issue too lmao. you shouldnt code some event to depend on the button color. if its a web app i fuckin hope this isnt referring to its CSS-defined color. thats the worst fucking idea lmao. a site should work independent of its CSS.

On Linux distros:

Actually another linux distro i forgot to mention i use a lot is TailsOS. though not for coding lol. i use it to access the dark web to, shall we say... purchase items of a hypothetically less than legal nature (feds if ur reading this im joking bro haha). you can use it for coding too tho of course and its actually used a lot in the hacking/cybersecurity community since its networking is entirely routed through Tor and also its extremely secure. its not susceptible to much. the whole thing is encrypted and your system is wiped on shutdown. you can configure persistent data though to save files/executables cause not having that would kinda suck.

linux is great for development and its easy to "learn". if you know how to use Windows or MacOS, especially MacOS, you can learn linux quick.

linux is great because its open source, efficient, easily customizable, there are a ton of different distros available to accommodate different needs, theres a huge community for it, its command line is awesome, and its just fucking reliable. there isnt all the bloat that windows has that bogs your system down. its so good for programming cause you can bend it to your will and do whatever the fuck you want with it (same reason i love C lol. Linux + C is god tier)

i definitely recommend you use linux. or MacOS (which is basically linux but not bendable to your will. you'll likely use linux at some point as a programmer. it just works.

also i dont have much experience using virtual machine, but id recommend an actual install of your distro. lots of people partition their hard drive to install multiple operating systems on one. id look into that over VM. you might notice efficiency improvements cause you wont have all the windows bullshit running concurrently. only perk to VM is that if you make a big oopsie its contained in VM so you wont fuck up your whole OS. just dont be an idiot and this shouldnt be an issue though lol.

On computer graphics:

yeah so i loved my graphics class. it was the perfect marriage between math and CS for me. getting to see my math translated into the visual space was so satisfying, which is ironic since i hate front end web dev shit. its VERY different from that though.

some of the shit i coded was stuff that apps like SolidWorks do under the hood. i had to create 3D models using C/OpenGL, specifying each vertex of each object in C. objects in computer graphics are created from triangles because of math reasons. basically triangles are easily represented in a 3D coordinate system and you can make anything out of them. u can import models created with a 3D modeling app into OpenGL too (which will still be made of triangles), but many of our assignments did not call for that. 3D modeling apps are useful for stuff that would be nonsensical to tediously code yourself. they end up making the same shit, but you dont have to painstakingly specify each vertex in C. they handle that stuff under the hood.

For OpenGL, C or C++ is used to code linear algebra math to manipulate the transform matrices of objects. this allows you to scale, translate, and rotate them. A a shader language, in my case GLSL, is used to shade objects. this allows you to simulate stuff like light, color, and shadows by using the normal vectors of an object as well as their orientation to shade them, giving your scene visual effects. Without this, objects would be a solid color and corners wouldnt be visible since there is no shading to differentiate surfaces. GLSL files are then specified in the C/C++ code.

Image of shading examples:

i had to code all of those actually. those are the simplest of shading techniques in the computer graphics field.

Another thing i did in my graphics class was raytracing. OpenGL handles this under the hood. this is how a scene of mathematically-represented objects is translated into a 2D image as viewed by a "camera". you basically "shoot" a ray (vector) from the position of the camera toward the position of each pixel in your 2D image, and color that pixel based on what the ray collides with in the scene. lots of math. I had to make one of these using purely C (no OpenGL) as the first project of the class.

diagram of raytracer: [

fun fact: OpenGL is actually what Unity uses under the hood for its graphics. learning OpenGL can be really useful so you understand Unity better.

On C#, Visual Studio, IDEs:

I had to use Visual Studio as well for Unity development. its pretty good actually. didnt use the IDE version tho, just Visual Studio Code, which doesnt have all the nice IDE features. VS Code is free so yeah.

as for other IDEs, ive also used Eclipse and IntelliJ in the past but i didnt really like em. i like barebones shit with the ability to modularly add the features and tools i want.

definitely research Atom. its good for any language really. supports em all given the right packages.

On "Tech stack"/shit i know:

Stuff i know well: C, C#, Java, Python, Visual Basic, Assembly, OpenGL, GLSL, Verilog, MATLAB, Unity, Unix Kernel

Stuff i kinda know: C++, Karel, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, XAMMP

probably some other shit that im forgetting. im a 4th year Computer Engineering undergrad so most of my experience is with what i've used in class. which is mostly C and Java. mostly C.

i sorta know web dev shit cause i did limited web dev stuff in my Team Software Project class. hated it. our project sucked. hopefully i wont have to deal with that shit ever again. not my cup of tea.

On conclusion:

once again sorry for the tardiness lmao.

also sorry to hear about your grandfather. my grandmother died in february. rough shit. good that yall were ready for it. we were p ready too. she had a ton of health complications towards the end of her life (MS, blind, heart attacks), so it was an end to her pain honestly. doesnt make it not sad tho. still hard.

sorry to hear about your mom too.

seems like you got a lot on your plate. cool that youre going for your masters. Whats ur major and whats the topic of your thesis?

i graduate with my bachelors in Computer Engineering this semester. I plan to start my Master's in Computer Science in the fall. still gotta finish that grad school application tho. im on break rn so i got some free time.

organization and work ethic are key, man. been learning a lot this year. I just finished up my term as my fraternity's president, so thats a weight lifted off my shoulders. the whole situation i was referring to in my reply was cause i had to deal with some big bullshit regarding my fraternity and a judicial investigation from the school. sucked a whole lotta ass and took up all my time for a hot minute. ended up coming out fairly unscathed though. i'll take credit for that. put a ton of effort into our case and it definitely paid off. so ready for my retirement though. it's gonna be a fun semester now that im not on E-Board anymore. no way in hell i was running for pres again.

lmao im a month late but here ya go. better late than never.

PS hope ya like headers cause i didnt feel like separating quotes lol

send tweet
Hello fellow computer science linux user. First of all, I got Master's degree in Computer Science around two weeks ago. Topic of my thesis  was a system that could find an optimal solution to transport the mail inside of a city university is in. So in short this system I developed consists from 3 parts:
1) a parser, which gets info about streets and then uses it to find street intersections, I then use those to create a graph;
2) a Dijkstra's algorithm, which then uses those intersections as a graph to find optimal route between postal base and clients and between clients themselves;
3) a genetic algorithm that then takes the result of Dijkstra's algorithms work (2d array of distances between clients and base) to distribute work between available cars.
I mostly done first part, second and third I, uh, did not due to being lazy obviously described in vivid detail in my thesis as if it was done. Honestly my work was halfbaked, but I got "excellent" regardless. Never bribed though, less because principles, more because there was simply no need. I consider finishing this system and using it in my portfolio to look for a job. I might elaborate more on what I used to develop this system, what crossovers and mutations I used in my implementation of genetic algorithm and so on, if you are interested in something particular.

As about Linux, yesterday I partitioned my hard drive and installed Mint alongside Windows on my laptop, so now I have it for studying. Decided to go with Mint for now because it's popular, has similar to Windows desktop environment and easy overall. I might later move to other distro, creating my own distro would be my end goal. Probably Linux From Scratch project will come in handy. Knowing C for that would be necessary too.

I have interest in Unity, though I don't know how well my low end laptop handle it. If something I think I would love to work as a videogame designer, though it seems for me that to get this job I have to learn a lot more. I like knowing what is going on under a hood, unfortunately it usually takes a lot of time to learn for me. But I'll probably at least take a look at Unity.

As for family, since now I finished working on Master's degree, I'm now at home helping my mom and my grandma. Since we belong to Eastern Orthodox Church as well as at least half of other ukrainians, yesterday we had Christmas (because old calendar) and I was helping in preparations for it. As usually we cooked way too much food, spent way too much time on that and guests didn't appreciate it, and I was as usually angry because both my mom and grandma overworked for it and I was telling them every single time to not work that much, to not overcommit, because that is not healthy and not worth it. Oh well, at least we now have tasty food and don't need to cook for a while, and my family is not sitting on my Sandwich&Instant NoodlesTM diet.

I'm glad to hear that you managed to solve your problem and that your efforts were paid off. Good thing that you put effort into it, because even if it didn't pay off, you would have no regrets, and if you achieved something difficult without effort, you would feel incopetent and that it was all luck. It's a hard earned experience, lessons of it are not so easy to forget. But why do I tell you that, you know all of that already. I don't know how to finish this post, but I'm glad to hear that all well, because it seems for me that you deserve all the best.

P.S: sorry for being tardy, don't worry about being tardy yourself.

P.S.S: yeah, your headers are much better. You don't mind if I steal get inspired by your headers someday in the future, do you?

The Flood / Re: mODS ARE ASLEEP
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The Flood / Re: mODS ARE ASLEEP
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The Flood / Re: So I’m reading The Communist Manifesto/Das Kapital
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The Flood / Re: New Semester New Me
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The Flood / Re: mODS ARE ASLEEP
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The Flood / Re: New Years Resolutions MEGATHREAD
« on: January 04, 2020, 05:50:41 PM »
Tomorrow resolution thread:

- write proper response to this thread
- write proper response to your ama thread
- surprise my mom with alarm that I set up on my phone to wake up tomorrow on time
- ignore alarm, sleep more, because I can't go sleep right now
- do housekeeping
- try NOT to play videogames and study instead
- try to find common topics to talk about with person that is always busy with job (not you) as a person who has no job

The Flood / Re: What can you cock?
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Your mother

The Flood / Re: Are you my mommy?
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The Flood / Re: What can you cook?
« on: January 02, 2020, 10:23:51 AM »
4 raw eggs, mayo, cheese, desert spoon of farina, spin, spin, SPIN.

The Flood / Re: What can you cook?
« on: January 02, 2020, 10:06:41 AM »
I can now do forshmak, which is a fish pasta made from canned fish, onion, eggs, mayonaisse.
I can now prepare minced meat to further use it to cook cutlets.

The Flood / Re: max number of times you fapped in a day
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Gaming / Winter Steam Sale
« on: December 31, 2019, 05:44:53 AM »
I know you weebs bought something, so I'll talk about what I bought so far.

I bought:

Sunless Sea
Rabi Ribi
Terraria in spaceStarbound

I also would buy Hollow Knight and Hades, but my laptop is too junk for both and Hades are expensive.

Look at that

Also look at that

The Flood / Re: Nearly 4 months left of the 2010s my bro's
« on: December 30, 2019, 04:44:43 AM »
I never watched GoT personally.
That is the impression I'm getting
I'm not gonna bother beating the "post S5 it goes downhill" horse but what I will say is that you can watch seasons 1 through 3, then come up with your own fantatistical fan theory to its ending and it'll still be better than what we got. Would save you the inevitable disappointment.

For all the shit we talk about it, when it does peak it's ultra kino. Shame it was run into the ground by a duo of incompetents.
Bewbs, duh

Gaming / Re: Why Is Dark Souls II So Bad?
« on: December 27, 2019, 08:26:41 AM »
I though Dark Souls 2 was considered the worst out of all Dark Souls games

The Flood / Re: Nuke the Midwest.
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The Flood / Re: Merry 2019 Christmas everyone!
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Merry Christmas and don't even expect for things to go better next year.

The Flood / Re: Verbatim is a big fat LIAR
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i was gonna change it right back as soon as i did my joke but then i got lazy
Are you still planning  to leave on 2 years mark or you changed your mind?

The Flood / Re: Disney's 'Star Wars': The Rise of Skywalker
« on: December 23, 2019, 09:08:50 AM »
The rise of Skywanker

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