Is that hunger games going down or did it already happen?

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‘The most inoffensive user on this website’ - Verbatim
Signup was ages ago 😭

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I love you, son.
It happened in December.

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Toys are hereby declared:
 anyone found with a TOY in his possession will be
placed under ARREST and thrown in the DUNGEON!
No kidding!               🅱
Yeah, I was necked by a fucking leaf

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I came here from after a few Floods invited me. None of them post on either nor here anymore, which is sad. I was still active on until for some bizarre reason, admins locked out people who have not played Destiny. Even if you wanted to post on the offtopic section. After that, I fully moved here and have not returned to since.
Please come play Halo with me.
You're late.

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Don`t worry, there was nothing interesting, except Cheese Potato dying from starving next day after sharing suplies