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Katara wore a friendly smile as she strolled along through a lively market at the center of a small village located somewhere in the western region of the Earth Kingdom.

"Let's see what they wanted again." Katara said to herself, pulling out a list written by Sokka which contained a single item. "Meat.

The waterbender let out a slightly amused sigh before crumbling the parchment and tossing it over her shoulder. "I swear, one day Sokka is going to turn into a-"

Katara quieted herself upon seeing a strange and somewhat angry looking man watching her through the market stalls, upon realizing he'd been spotted the man immediately pretended to browse the nearest stall, one which sold various glass trinkets and other such nonsense. Somewhat ignoring the man, Katara continued walking only for her to notice the gaze of yet another man upon her. Looking back at the first man she found him along with two others walking in her general direction, though with the relatively crowded streets she couldn't be sure they were approaching her or not. Regardless, Katara felt it may have been best to wander off to a separate part of the market.

With her boots kicking up bits of dust from the dry ground with every step, Katara casually but quickly walked towards a small opening between two buildings. Upon entering she let out a relief filled sigh, however her moment of peace barely latest a second as another man appeared before her, blocking her path.

"Goin somewhere?" The rather threatening man demanded.

"Yea, she's going with us." A weaselly voice said from behind, Katara turned to find the men from the market standing before her. "Straight to the Fire Nation."

"Fire Nation soldiers?" Katara gasped to herself, not bothering to hear another word from her would be kidnappers she immediately took a fighting stance, with several quick hand and feet motions water erupted from the small vial on her hip which she whipped directly between the lone mans legs. The man unsurprisingly let out a high pitched squeal as he dropped to his knees, leaving a opening for the waterbender to make a escape. "I'm not going anywhere with you creeps!"

Breaking into a sprint, Katara effortlessly shot several bits of water backwards at the other men. Flying mid air, the water quickly froze into ice chucks which slammed into the fire nation men sending them to the ground in pain. Letting out a quick chuckle Katara continued running, the small town almost immediately ended leaving her running through the arid dry lands surrounding it. Katara had barely ran for a minute before she was already breathing hard, she slowed her pace to a walk and surveyed her surroundings. With the town in the distance behind her she found only the dry sandy ground, dead shrubs, a blisteringly hot sun and clusters of mostly dead looking pine trees surrounding her.

"What was that about? Were they looking for Aang?" Katara asked herself, she stopped to catch her breath but was immediately shaken by a ear piercingly loud boom followed by a sudden pain on her back worse than anything she'd ever imagined , she was struck with enough force to send her body flying to the ground where she laid motionless aside from the occasional twitch as thousands of volts of electricity coursed through her body.

"Well well, what do we have here? One of the Avatars little friends, Katara at that. My, what a delicious turn of events." The waterbender, even as she twitched and writhed on her stomach, immediately recognized the voice speaking to her in such a taunting manner.

Soon Katara found herself staring at a pair of black and red boots, made of expensive leather, standing before her.

"Azula..? How did yo-" Katara spoke weakly, she began to move slightly but came to a stop as the left boot kicked/shoved its way past her teeth and into her mouth producing a pained groan from the girl.

"Silence you filthy peasant." Azula demanded, she couldn't help but pause for a moment to enjoy the sight of Katara sprawled out in the dirt with her boot inside her mouth. "Move again and you'll get a lighting bolt straight to that empty head of yours, understand?"

Several seconds passed in silence without Katara moving a muscle, as much as she hated to admit it, she stood no chance of defeating Azula in such a position. So she remained unmoving with roughly a eighth of the Fire Nation princesses boot in her mouth, the leather felt foul against the interior sides of her mouth but worst of all Azulas boot sole rested firmly on the waterbenders tongue, forcing her to taste the dry leather along with the dirt and sand that had been clinging to it.

"I imagine you're wondering what I plan on doing with you next? Will I torture you until you reveal the location of the Avatar? Of course." Azula spoke with a tinge of joy in her otherwise cruel voice. "Will it be painful? Most definitely."

As Katara continued tasting the sand and dirt covered boot sole of this sadistic princess she couldn't help bit feel slightly afraid, considering she was all alone and had already been relatively thoroughly beaten. Several more seconds passed as the foul boot sole continued to stain her mouth with its horrid flavors before something both welcomed and unexpected happened. The boot lodged inside her mouth was slowly pulled out, leaving a embarrassing amount of saliva clinging to it.

"W-what are you going t-" Katara tried to sound unafraid and mostly succeeded until she felt a force slam down atop her head, instantly she found her face crashing down into the dirt as Azula stomped her boot down with enough pressure to shatter granite.

"I don't recall telling you were allowed to speak,worm." Azula practically yelled, clearly enjoying herself pressed all of her weight down as she if she wanted to crush the waterbenders skull beneath her boot. "And to answer your question, I'm desperately in need of a new offical foot slave after the last girl hung herself. You should thank me, there's no higher honor for a peasant like yourself than to worship my feet."

By this point Katara probably wouldn't be able to speak even if she tried due to her nose,mouth and the rest of her face being crushed under Azulas boot with so much force she would probably leave a face imprint in the dirt. However if she could speak (without being tortured) she would most definitely decline Azulas job proposal.

"Speaking of foot slaves, we've been looking for you fools for weeks." Azula said, grinding her boot heel into Kataras head as if it were her fault. "Weeks of running across the Earth Kingdom has left little time for foot I think it's time we she just how good of a foot licker you are. And as a bonus, I'll even allow you to swallow the gunk from between my toes."

Katara felt a great deal of relief as the Fire Nation princess removed her boot from the back of her head, allowing Katara to lift her face just slightly off the ground where a somewhat visible imprint of her face had been left in the dirt. With the back of her skull aching the waterbender was met with a demoralizing sight just inches from her, Azula took several steps back before slipping a rather long and slender foot from it's boot. Before Azula had even set her foot upon the dirt and sand covered ground Kataras nose wrinkled in disgust as a foul odor filled the air.

"As I said, chasing you lowlifes across the continent has left little time for me to pamper my feet." Azula said, enjoying the disgusted look on her new slaves face she slowly slipped off the remaining boot. Standing flatfooted on the ground Azula wiggled her toes slightly with content. "Mmm, I've had those boots on for at least a week, your tongue will fee-"

The foul foot stench was so unbearably bad Katara acted without much thought or planning, she jumped to her feet and pushed past the Fire princess, nearly knocking her over in the process. The waterbender hadn't gone a meter before she felt a slender yet powerful hand grab her shoulder, instantly she heard the crackle of thunder as Azula seemingly channeled all of her energy to her hand. Katara let out a scream so loud and filled with agony as electricity coursed through her that the Southern Water Tribe could probably hear. The unfortunate girl managed to stay standing for roughly a tenth of a second before dropping to her knees, Azulas hand had been removed but still Kataras body twitched and jerked slightly as she sat on her knees in a daze with little white dots filling her vision.

"That had to have been the most pathetic excuse for a escape attempt I have ever seen." Azula with a almost disappointed shrug as she positioned herself in front of Katara. "Now if you're done resisting, the real fun can begin."

Still on her knees in a daze Katara didn't bother to move, not that she'd be able to anyways, as Azula leaned back slightly preparing to deliver a devastating kick to the helpless water bender before her. Azula moved with incredible speed, soon Kataras vison was filled with the sight of Azulas sole as well as the bits of sand and dirt that clung to her clearly sweaty skin, just as the foots horrible salty stench hit her nose Katara felt the Fire Nation Princesses heel smash directly into her lips sending her straight to the ground where she landed on her back with a thud as well as a cloud of dust.

Katara laid there, writhing slightly in pain and groaning with the metallic taste of blood in her mouth thanks to Azulas brutal kick. Before the dust cloud had even dispersed Katara had the air forced from her lungs as Azula jumped onto her stomach, grinding her teeth in pain Katra found Azula looking down at her with a unbearably smug grin. At the sadistic princesses mercy Katara didn't resist as she felt Azulas left foot slowly drag along her stomach and chest before finally coming to a halt on her left cheek, immediately Katara cringed at the foul textures she encountered. Azulas foot sweat felt warm and sticky against her skin while the bits of sand and dirt felt gross and rough.

"That's a good girl, just lay there and accept your fate." Azula said in a almost friendly tone as she began to rub her filth covered sole into Kataras cheek. "Now, will you be a obedient slave? Or will I have to punish you for 'trying' to escape?"

A shiver of disgust traveled down Kataras back as Azulas gross foot smeared sweat,sand and dirt on her cheek. While considering how to answer the Fire Nation princesses question the revolting stench of Azulas foot floated into Kataras nostrils bringing along various odors such as salt, moldy cheese and sour boot leather as well as a distinctly bitter earthy scent thanks to the sand and dirt. After several more seconds of both feeling and smelling the disgustingness of Azulas left foot Katara came to a decision; she'd rather die than serve as a foot slave to the Fire Nation princess.

Katara turned her gaze to the sadist standing atop her with determination in her eyes, with Azulas foot still rubbing against her cheek Katara opened her mouth to give some defiant speech but instead of words coming out she found a foot covered in sweat,sand and dirt coming in. A muffled gag erupted from Katara as Azulas foot simply slipped past her open lips, in a instant the waterbenders mouth was so completely filled by the foot her cheeks bulged out slightly.

"No need to answer that question, slave, it's clear what you were going to say." Azula said, very intently watching as Katara writhed beneath her,  clawing at the ground in pain without the slightest bit of resistance. "Besides, I planned on punishing you regardless. Now.. let's see how deep my foot can travel down that disgusting peasant throat of yours."

Katara, with almost every millimeter of her mouth filled with a foul Fire Nation princess foot, begged 'please no' but instead only a series embarrassing garbled noises came out. Several humiliating seconds passed before things grew even worse as Azula leaned forward on her left leg, Katara felt the princesses foot slowly and painfully begin to slide deeper and deeper into her mouth. Several muffled gags could be heard as Katara felt five slender sweaty toes beginning to poke at the back of her throat. With every passing second Katara felt her mouth stretching wider and wider as Azulas foot easily traveled deeper, thanks to the sweat, muddy dirt and Kataras own saliva making the Fire Benders foot wet and slippery. 

"Enjoying yourself, slave?" Azula asked with a chuckle, wiggling her toes slightly. "I hope so, because after we capture and execute your little friends you'll have the honor of gagging on my feet every day for the rest of your life!"

Motivated by either the pain of having a foot shoved down her throat or the thought of spending the rest of her life beneath Azulas foul smelling feet Katara raised her arms with a glint of rebellion in her eyes. Gagging loudly several times, she wrapped her hands around Azulas ankle and began to pull. Using all of her strength Katara desperately tried to remove the foot currently lodged deep within her mouth, however all she managed to achieve was making Azula chuckle slightly at her incredibly ineffective escape attempt.

"As entertaining as it is to watch you struggle in vain to escape, I am growing tired of this insubordination slave." Azula said, her voice growing slightly annoyed. "I will warn you, only around a third or so people I've done this to have survived."

Though confused by the sadistic princesses last statement, Katara mind was quickly distracted as Azula somehow managed to shove her foot even deeper. Katara coughed loudly as she felt Azulas toes wiggling around deep within her throat, this was followed by a terribly uncomfortable tickling sensation as several droplets of the fire benders foul foot sweat slipped from her toes and slid down Kataras throat. Regardless Katara kept her hands firmly placed on Azulas ankle, still believing she had a chance of escaping from beneath the foul feet.

"Don't die slave." Azula said with a cruel grin as she began to wave her hands slowly. "That's a order."

The Fire Nation princess had barely finished speaking before she lightning formed in her hands, after making several quick gestures the lightning traveled at an incredible speed from Azulas hands up her arms, to her chest down her leg and finally directly into Kataras painfully wide open mouth. Immediately Katara felt her body become rigid as electricity was fired directly inside her by Azulas slender sweaty foot, the unfortunate waterbender desperately wanted to scream out in agony but could only awkwardly gurgle as she felt Azulas left foot begin to twist and turn inside her as she thousands of volts of electricity surged through her body. The pain was so unbearably excruciating Katara began to wish for death, the foot shoved halfway down her throat also did not help, by this point she'd even be willing to give up the location of her friends just to make the pain stop.

"Hmm, looks like you're still alive, that's promising." Azula said with amusement.

After ten or so seconds of being used as a human lightning rod, the electricity finally stopped leaving Katara laying there with the tiniest bit of smoke escaping her mouth and probably third-degree burns inside her throat. Slowly her hands released her owners ankles and her arms flopped to the ground. To both Katara and Azulas surprise, Katara began moving her tongue. It was pinned so hard beneath the firebenders sole she it took a great deal of effort to move even slightly but regardless Katara began to 'lick' the princesses sole in hope that she would be merciful.

"Mmm, yes, sweet submission." Azula taunted as she felt her slaves tongue writhing beneath her sweaty sole. "You know, when I torture someone it usually takes about a hour or so for them to completely break. You took five minutes,  I sincerely hope the rest of the Sourhern Water Tribe isn't as pathetic as you."

Katara closed her eyes, she may have been humiliated and in more pain than she ever thought possible but she was relieved that all she had to do now was gag on a foot and lick it while being continuously insulted. The Fire Nation princesses foot tasted beyond foul, as if she had lived in a swamp her entire life and the stench was equally as unbearable, the salty bitter aroma filled the air thickly Katara was surprised she and Azula and everyone in the nearby village hadn't passed out yet.

"Oh, what's this?" Azula asked, Katara opened her eyes just in time to see the fire bender bend down slightly and pluck her watervial from her belt. "A little bit of water, out here in this dry hell hole?"

Katara watched helplessly as Azula uncorked the vial and, with a sinister smile, poured its contents out onto the sand and dirt covered ground beside them forming a small puddle of mud. Watching as Azula carelessly tossed the vial aside, Katara was surprised to find the foot lodged inside her throat being slowly pulled out until it hovered several inches above her face with a string of her saliva still dangling from the princesses sole. Not a second passed before the same foot stomped back down onto her face where it stayed firmly planted for a moment or so before Azula began to smear it around, covering Kataras face in a thick slimy layer of saliva and foot sweat with bits of sand.

"You're face feels so soothing under my foot, I think after many, many hours of intense training and torture you may have what it takes to become a somewhat competent foot slave." Azula said, making sure she covered every inch of Kataras face before removing her foot. Looking down she was more than satisfied with what she saw, her slave meekly avoiding eye contact. "Now then, let's begin those many, many hours of intense training and torture."

With that Katara suddenly felt the weight of Azulas body being lifted as the princess hopped and landed with both feet in the small puddle of mud, spattering several specks onto the waterbenders face. Her body still stiff, Katara weakly turned her head to find Azulas feet stomping around in the mud. The dark brown puddle of sandy muck stuck to the princesses feet like glue, barely three seconds had passed and already a thick layer had already begun to cling to Azulas soles as well as the sides and tops of her feet.

"Doesn't that look appetizing? You'll have the honor of licking every bit of it off my perfect feet." Azula announced with a sinister look, standing with both feet flat on the ground she began to wiggle and spread her toes making sure every inch of her feet were covered. "By the time your finished you'll be the worlds first Mud Bender, you should be thanking me."

"Do I...have to swallow it?" Katara asked meekly, her throat aching terribly.

"Every last drop of sweat infused mud." Azula stated as if it were obvious, she observed her surroundings for a moment before stepping out of the puddle and walking off, to Kataras dismay a thick layer of sand clung to both of the princesses soles after the first few steps, she felt queasy already. "Crawl behind me, foot girl."

Doing as her Master instructed Katara weakly got to her hands and knees and crawled, her arms shaking slightly and her joints stiff thanks to the multiple times she'd been electrocuted. She followed Azula past several dead shrubs and bushes, the suns blistering heat beating down upon her the entire time. Finally after several meters Katara came to a halt as Azula sat upon a large stone, the waterbender got to her knees and was immediately met with a incredibly foul sight along with several equally terrible odors as Azula lifted her feet several inches from Kataras face.

"Alright foot slut, you can start with the right one. Let's see you do one nice, long lick from my heel to my toes." Azula ordered with a wiggle of her toes, so much mud, sweat and sand clung to Azulas feet that upon wiggling her toes a large amount simply fell to the ground though her feet remained covered in a thick layer of the filth. "Oh, and smile, you are serving a princess after all."

Katara gulped nervously, she stared at the two feet before her. She was almost afraid to even be near them, the stench alone was enough to make her eyes water with how foul it was. Regardless she lifted her arms and grabbed Azulas ankles, which were also slightly covered with bits of mud, forcing a smile Katara stared into the mud and sand covered sole to avoid Azulas demeaning gaze. Awkwardly keeping her smile she opened her mouth and leaned in, with single tear running down her cheek her tongue made contact with the thin layer of sand and the thick layer of mud clinging to Azula heel. Katara coughed at the foul taste and even worse texture, forcing herself to continue she pressed her tongue down and cringed with disgust as it sunk about half a inch or so into the muck before finally making contact with Azulas sweaty heel. After a moment of hesitation Katara began to drag her tongue upwards leaving a incredibly clear line in the muck as her tongue traveled upwards, with every millimeter her tongue went more and more of the foul mixture built up.

Katara wasn't sure what the worst part was, the incredibly foul salty stench that almost hurt to breathe, the feeling of Azulas warm sweaty skin mixed with the cold goopy muck she was licking off, or the taste of it all. It took roughly nine seconds for Katara to drag her tongue from Azulas sweaty heel to her slender toes, she paused for a moment and went cross-eyed to observe her tongue. A thick clump of Azulas sweat mixed with the mud and sand sat there on her tongue, there was so much of the filth it began to slowly flow off her tongue and onto her lap.

"Swallow it." Azula ordered, her tone was serious despite the grin on her lips.

Once again Katara hesitated for a moment, she fully intended to do as her new owner commanded but she was still visibly not happy about it. She closed her eyes and reluctantly pulled her tongue back into her mouth, she closed her lips and nearly vomited several times over three or so seconds.

"Swallow it. Now." Azula demanded, with her eyes closed Katara didn't see the Fire benders left foot coming toward her face.

The shock of being suddenly kicked in the face was enough to force Katara to swallow hard, as the inhumanely repulsive mixture of sand,sweat and mud slowly slid down her throat Katara gagged and coughed several times, still able to very clearly taste the foul muck she began to feel queasy, breathing in Azulas terrible salt and mud scented feet didn't help.

Her eyes suddenly opened wide, in that instant Katara felt the lump of filth she had just been forced to swallow coming back up. She lunged to the right, landing on her hands and knees she vomited at the base of a shrub. Somehow it tasted even worse coming back up.

"Vomiting already?" Katara heard Azulas voice ask in a eerie tone as she heaved up more muck, she felt a hand on her ankle just before being suddenly pulled backwards, this was followed by a sudden sharp pain in her side as Azula kicked her sending Katara to her back. "As amusing as that was, I told you to swallow. Not vomit."

"B-but..I'm sorry maste-" Katara began to plead but was silenced as Azulas left foot slammed down onto her throat, completely preventing her from breathing. Slightly tempted to resist Katara remained unmoving, knowing she would only make things worse.

"Open your mouth." Azula ordered, she chuckled slightly as her slave immediately did so, she lifted her foot from Kataras throat and dangled it above Kataras wide open mouth.  "If you can't lick everything off my feet then I suppose I'll just have to shove my feet inside you and do it myself."

In a instant Katara found her mouth filled once again with Azulas left foot, she clenched her fists as she did nothing to stop the sadistic princess from shoving her foot deeper. Within seconds she felt Azulas toes poking at the back of her throat as clumps of sand and mud slipped from the foot and slowly slid down her throat. Azula only laughed cruelly as she watched her slave suffer, she began to twist her foot around slowly making sure she coated every millimeter of Kataras mouth in mud, thoroughly enjoying every passing second.

"Your mouth feels so nice, I'm sure you're just as pleased as I am that this is how you'll be spending the rest of your miserable life." Azula said at bits of mud began to spew out from the corners of Kataras mouth.


"WHAT?" Azula practically screamed, she turned slightly to find one of her men standing behind her, Katara, even as bits of the mud coming from her mouth got into her eyes recognized the man from earlier.

"We followed the Avatars flying bison to their camp, we captured them all without incident."

"Oh? Excellent!" Azula said with satisfaction, she looked down at her slave and made eye contact. "Execute them all immediately. Except the blind one, bring her to me. She will join her friend at my feet."

"Yes ma'am." The soldier said with a salute before leaving.

"Well well well, it looks like I've won Katara. Your friends are all going to die, the Avatar has failed. You've failed." Azula said with a almost intimidating grin. "Now be a good foot whore and worship my foot until it shines."

Several muddy tear began to stream down Kataras face as the realization that she truly had failed dawned upon her, soon there would be no one to resist the Fire Nation, soon the entire world would serve Azula and the Fire Lord and it was painfully obvious that it was all her fault.

That thought in mind Katara began to lick away at the mud,sweat and sand clinging to the foul foot lodged inside her throat. This was her life now, and she knew there was nothing she could do but submit

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MSN-06S Sinanju
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MSN-06S Sinanju

    Front Rear Video

MSN-06S Sinanju (MSN-06S シナンジュ)
Unit Type

Custom Newtype-use High Mobility Mobile Suit
Real World



    MSG-UC: #2 - Episode #7


    UC: TNS


    Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn


    Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3
    Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn

Mechanical Designer

    Hajime Katoki

Developed from

    MSN-06S Sinanju Stein

Developed Into

    NZ-999 Neo Zeong
    YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu


    MSN-06S[W] Weiss Sinanju

First Seen

    May, 0096 U.C.

Last Seen

    May, 0096 U.C.


    Anaheim Electronics Icon - Search.png (Original Unit)


    Neo Zeon Icon - Search.png
        Sleeves Icon - Search.png

Known Pilots

    Full Frontal

General Characteristics
Overall Height

    22.6 meters

Max Weight

    56.9 metric tons

Empty Weight

    25.2 metric tons


    Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor Icon - Search.png

Power Output

    3240 kW

Sensor Range

    23600 meters

Pilot Accommodations

    Pilot only (in panoramic monitor/linear seat Psycho-Frame cockpit in torso)


    Gundarium Alloy

Rocket Thrusters

    128600 kg

Standard Armaments
The MSN-06S Sinanju (aka Sinanju, MSN-06S) is a mobile suit featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn novel, its OVA adaptation and the television re-cut. It is the modified version of Anaheim Electronics's MSN-06S Sinanju Stein. It was piloted by Full Frontal during the Third Neo Zeon War.


    Technology & Combat Characteristics
    Special Equipment & Features
    Action Figures
    Notes and Trivia
    External links

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Originally the MSN-06S Sinanju Stein developed by Anaheim Electronics as part of the Earth Federation's "UC Project", its movable frame is partly made from Psycho-Frame materials. All of the Gundam-like features (except for the vulcan) in the Sinanju Stein have been replaced with a Zeonic design and weaponry, making it reminiscent of the Sazabi.

The boosters were also replaced with large flexible thrusters mounted in a wing-like arrangement on its back. Sporting multiple vernier thrusters throughout its frame, the unit is capable of achieving precise movements and high speeds. With its overwhelming combat ability, crimson body, and mono-eye sensors, the Sinanju reminds all who see it of the legendary "Red Comet".

    60mm Vulcan Gun

    Mounted on the head, the pair of Vulcan guns are not very powerful and typically unable to penetrate mobile suit's armor, but they are useful in intercepting missiles/rockets, destroying mobile suit sensors, and engaging lightly-armored targets such as tanks and small aircraft. This armament was kept on the Sinanju during the refit by The Sleeves.

    Beam Saber

    Stored within each forearm, the beam sabers can be handheld or be deployed directly as the storage cover is lifted.

    Beam Rifle

    The standard ranged weapon of the Sinanju, its output is higher than other standard beam rifle and has its own energy condenser. When fitted with the optional long-range sensor, it can be used for sniping. The rifle can be equipped with either a grenade launcher or rocket bazooka on the underside. It can be stored on the rear skirt armor when not in use.


    A custom long shield that is used for defense. It can store the Beam Axes and either the Grenade Launcher or the Rocket Bazooka. It can also be used as a makeshift melee weapon as shown by Full Frontal when engaging a Jegan dispatched from the General Revil. It can either be attached to the forearms or to the shoulder armor.

        Beam Axe

        The pair of beam axes have high output, and their beam blades can change shape via varying their output, turning them into beam sword-axes. When the two beam sword-axes are combined at the grip, they form a beam naginata. The beam axes can be used when stored on the shield as they are attached to movable mounts, allowing them to flip forward when required.

        Grenade Launcher

        Can be mounted on the underside of either the beam rifle or the shield.

    Rocket Bazooka

    An alternative handheld armament for the Sinanju, it has an extendable barrel and its magazine carries five rounds. The Rocket Bazooka can be fired while the barrel is compacted, but the projectile's muzzle velocity is decreased. It can be mounted on the underside of the shield or the beam rifle and used that way.

Special Equipment & Features

    External Propellant Tanks

    An external tank used for propellant storage. The extra propellant greatly extends a mobile suit's operating range, and enables it to stay in combat longer. When the propellant is consumed, the tank can be discarded to reduce the mobile suit's weight. These tanks use a two-layered construction, with one layer containing propellant, and the other holding extra coolant.

    Psycho-Frame Cockpit

    The Psycho-Frame is a technology that builds the brainwave-to-machine code translator known as Psycommu into the metal frame of a Mobile Suit. This allows a Newtype or Cyber Newtype pilot to mentally connect with their mobile suits operating system, similar to the bio-sensor, and directly issue commands via the pilots brainwaves.

    Intention Automatic System

    A system that directly translates the thoughts of a Newtype pilot into the mobile suit's motions, allowing for far greater reaction speeds compared to manual control.


Main article: Full Frontal The MSN-06S Sinanju piloted by Full Frontal in UC 0096 is actually a modified version of the MSN-06S Sinanju Stein. The data from the Sinanju Stein was used by Anaheim to complete the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. In UC 0094, the Sinanju Stein was transferred (disguised as a robbery) by the remnants of Neo Zeon, "The Sleeves." The Sinanju Stein was slightly modified into the Sinanju and used as the personal machine of Full Frontal.
MSN-06S - Sinanju - Novel Version
Novel Version
Gundam FIX Version (Front)
Gundam FIX Version (Rear)
In Gundam Musou 3
In "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" Red Comet Special Package
On Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 Blu-ray cover
Msn06s GundamDuelCompany
As featured in Gundam Duel Company
MSN-06S Sinanju (Mobile Suit Bible Vol 28)
In Mobile Suit Bible
Unicorn vs Sinanju
Vs Unicorn Gundam (Gundam Perfect File)
Sinanju Bazooka
Vs Unicorn Gundam (Novel)
M116 mb00020sinanju
MSN-06S Sinanju MS Girl
MSN-06S Sinanju MS Girl
Sinanju Beam Rifle
Sinanju with beam rifle
Sinanju Hanger
In the Sleeves' MS hanger
Sinanju taking cover
Hiding behind a meteoroid
Sinanju firing
Firing at the Nahel Argama
Sinanju close-up
Seen from the Unicorn Gundam's camera
Sinanju at Palau
Dispatching a Loto at Palau
Sinanju cockpit
Sinanju's cockpit
Sinanju dashboard
Sinanju's dashboard
Sinanju Specification
SD Sinanju Norn
From SD Gundam Ultimate Encyclopedia
As featured in Gundam War card game
Msn06s GundamUCCardBuilder
As featured in Gundam U.C. Card Builder
Msn06s GundamUCCardBuilder v02
As featured in Gundam U.C. Card Builder (variations)
SD Sinanju
In SD Gundam G Generation Overworld
Msn06s GundamDioramaFront
As featured in Bandai Namco's Gundam Diorama Front online game (2015)
Gundam Diorama Front 3rd MSN-06S Sinanju
As seen on the game Gundam Diorama Front 3rd.
Unit s sinanju
S-Rank Sinanju as featured in SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online
Unit sr sinanju beam axe
SR-Rank Sinanju as featured in SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online
Gundam Online Wars Sinanju
As seen in Gundam Online Wars
Sinanju Gundam Online Wars 1
As seen in Gundam Online Wars
Sinanju Gundam Online Wars 2
As seen in Gundam Online Wars
Sinanju Gundam Online Wars 3
As seen in Gundam Online Wars
Sinanju Gundam Online Wars 4
As seen in Gundam Online Wars
Sinanju Super Robot Wars X-Ω
As seen in Super Robot Wars X-Ω
Super Robot Wars Z3 Tengoku Hen Mecha Sprite 112
As seen in Super Robot Wars Z3 Tengoku Hen
HGUC 1/144 "MSN-06S Sinanju" (2010): box art
HGUC 1/144 "MSN-06S Sinanju" (Titanium Finish Ver.; 2011): box art
Gunpla 1-144 HGUC msn-06s-RedCometSparkle p01 front
HGUC 1/144 "MSN-06S Sinanju (Red Comet Sparkle Ver.)" (Japanese Theater exclusive; 2011): box art
RG Sinanju
RG 1/144 "MSN-06S Sinanju" (2016): box art
RG Expansion Set for RG Sinanj
RG 1/144 "Expansion Set for RG Sinanju" (P-Bandai exclusive; 2016): box art
Gunpla RG Sinanju MetallicGrossInjection box
RG 1/144 "MSN-06S Sinanju (Metallic Gross Injection Ver.)" (The Gundam Base Tokyo exclusive; 2017): box art
RG Sinanju -Special Coating-
RG 1/144 "MSN-06S Sinanju [Special Coating]" (P-Bandai exclusive; 2020): box art
MG 1/100 MSN-06S Sinanju "Ver.Ka" (2009): box art
MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Titanium Finish
MG 1/100 "MSN-06S Sinanju "Ver.Ka" (Titanium Finish) (Limited edition release; 2010): box art
MG Sinanju Boxart
MG 1/100 "MSN-06S Sinanju (OVA Ver.)" (2013): box art
MG Sinanju (Mechanical Clear)
1/100 MG "MSN-06S Sinanju (Mechanical Clear)" (The Gundam Base Tokyo exclusive; 2017): box art
HG Sinanju
HGUC 1/144 MSN-06S Sinanju
HG Sinanju0
HGUC 1/144 MSN-06S Sinanju
HG Sinanju1
HGUC 1/144 MSN-06S Sinanju
HG Sinanju2
HGUC 1/144 MSN-06S Sinanju
HG Sinanju3
HGUC 1/144 MSN-06S Sinanju
Gd mg msn 06s sinanju d
MG - Sinanju
MG 1/100 MSN-06S Sinanju
MG - Sinanju0
MG 1/100 MSN-06S Sinanju
RG MSN-06S Sinanju (Clear Color)
RG 1/144 MSN-06S Sinanju [Clear Color] (2017): box art
RG MSN-06S Sinanju (Clear Color) Pose
RG 1/144 MSN-06S Sinanju [Clear Color] posing
Action Figures
RobotDamashii msn-06s p01
Robot Damashii "MSN-06S Sinanju" (2010): package front view.
RobotDamashii msn-06s-OVA p01
Robot Damashii "MSN-06S Sinanju (Animation Edit.)" (2014): package front view.
Sinanju Next 2
Beam Axe equipped
Sinanju Dash
Notes and Trivia

    The Sinanju's name is derived from a fictional style of martial arts that came from a paperback book series known as The Destroyer. This is likely a reference to the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, which has a "Destroy Mode" within it.
    Though it has a tremendous speed as seen on the OVA, in Gundam Memories: Tatakai no Kioku, Sinanju is classified as a "short" unit, instead of "speed" unit.
    The Sinanju's model number (MSN-06S) is almost identical to the MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type that Char once piloted, which is a clear play on its pilot Full Frontal being "The Second Coming of Char". Another gag is that Sinanju is described as moving "at three times the speed" of a Geara Zulu, which is what Char's MS-06S Zaku II Commander's Type is described as compared to a normal Zaku II.

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