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hey guys do you guys like to play minecraft ? i do. a lot. i play it a lot. i have a server. nobody plays with me so i am posting here as a last resort because i am desperate. please play with me

shopko is dead. i can longer shopkopost for you my friend. whenever i drive through your home ish peming  i look out my window and am filled with overwhelming sadness as i see the building which  used to be shopko is no longer.  it is a metaphor for this web site. shopko may not be the shopko it used to be but you are still here and that is what matters in the end. chester bennington (linkin park) once said "in the end it doesnt even matter" and maybe that is true maybe not i dont know but i do know that YOU DO MATTER.  i am sorry for your loss my dear friend. you were a great poster maybe the best. your number of posts is truly inspirational. you are my role model verbatim. verbatim is my role model. i said it. anyone who says they do not revere you is a liar. i love you and your posts. you are the mascot of sep7agon the web site. it should really be instead tbh because i just thought of that web site name and i think it is a good idea. cheat do this

ork making the site. i like it. i am an on line enjoyer too. i like mmmmmmnapalm he is a cool guy too. hello mmmmnapalm hello tblocks you are cool too. good man. good job being good. hi spagelo i dont know who you are but to answer your question right now i am currently listening to the Doom (2016) OST on the spotify app. idk if yall have heard of spotify but it is a really cool app. it is a music app kinda of like itunes but even cooler. anyways just wanted to stop by and say hi. hi. good bye. post your thoughts here about something that would make a good post. this is a real post. good job.

usually new bnet dudes come in here and either see activity is slow or get verbally assaulted and, in any case, leave after a day or two. but this dude just keeps posting and making threads, half of which no one replies to or posts in. not to mention everything he says is completely incoherent. its like how i kinda used to be and still do sometimes, but somehow even more incoherent

he's not a troll at least, and doesnt seem to be pissing anyone off, but come on dude. this is a backwater internet community that was created by a bunch of edgy teens in 2014 as a spinoff offsite of a single section of a video game forum. at this point it's basically a group chat for an increasingly smaller and smaller group of friends who're now adults.

im just sayin, youre not hurting anything but i doubt this schtick will remain fun for you for much longer, and I'm amazed it's been fun enough to continue this long. this post is probably the most attention you've got in a while lmao.

ive done the whole "act like an incoherent idiot" act before and i can tell you from experience it gets old.., yours is, in my opinion, even more incoherent... not to mention extremely cringey and gives off strong "rawr xD so random" vibes

my advice, if youre gonna keep going, at least stop being so cringey. it's cool to see new guys join here and stay for a while, but a gimmick aint gonna stay fun for long here. i'll still do my idiot schtick too from time to time but at least i try to hold a coherent conversation.

on that note, if you dont mind being coherent enough to put together a genuine thought, one that I don't need a Rosetta Stone for Retards to translate, i'd like to ask you some questions:

Why did you join this site?
How did you even hear about this place?

obviously youre from bnet since youve brought it up way too many times. i cant imagine the users over on bnet talk about sep7agon much.... there are so many users on there and at this point i'd be amazed if many that were active in 2014 are still active today, let alone using the site for anything but Destiny. especially since I'm pretty sure you cant even post unless you own Destiny lmao.

the users here are completely detached from bnet at this point. ive seen you make posts about shit that goes on there... save your breath dude. nobody here cares or knows what youre talking about. i havent posted on that site in i dont even know how many years.

if anyone from that long ago still posts in whatever offtopic subforum that currently exists on bnet (if one exists), i'd be very surprised. not only because of the destiny thing, but also because the average age of a regular user on that site is probably somewhere in the young teen/preteen range, especially if they're a forumgoer, double especially an offtopic forumgoer. anyone active in 2014 would now be significantly older and I doubt theyd be interested or have the time to hang out and bicker with a bunch of edgy 14-year-olds online. no offense to you. that brings me to another good question.

How old are you?
not to be nosy. most of us here know everyone else's ages at this point. you'll find that a lot of these people know a lot about each other, like real names, where they live, and other personal info, just cause its a small group and everyones known each other for years. i'm 21, and thats probably on the younger side for this site. you seem pretty young tbh. again no offense. not an issue if you are. im gonna guess 15 maybe? somewhere in that ballpark.

Do you play destiny?
it seems like youre doing the whole "fuck bungie fuck destiny" schtick. i used to do that too. truthfully, i actually played a lot of destiny. its pretty damn fun if you got a solid group for it. i've sorta outgrown hating on video games and i guess stuff in general. i just want to be entertained playing em. some people treat each game like it must be some cultural phenomenon masterpiece of modern gaming, and if it ends up being anything short of that, theyll find every single little reason to hate it. that or they compare it to some other game's ultimately unattainable nostalgia factor.

What's "The Flood" like today?
Havent used bnet in fucking ages, and have no desire to look at whatever incarnation of its forum may exist. is there even an offtopic community calling itself "the flood" anymore? im sure the membership quality hasnt improvedsince i last saw it. it was trash when sep7agon was created, it was trash when bungie migrated to bnext, and hell, it was trash well before that. it was probably always trash lol. but again, nostalgia gives people rose-colored glasses. like a first high,  nostalgia is a dragon you can chase but never capture again. and "how great" one remembers something to be might be a complete mental fabrication.

im sure bnet is an even worse cesspool than when i left, the flood being the shittiest part. i'm wondering how the flood, or whatever calls itself that, is doing now, and what its culture is like. im sure its only gotten worse. probably also an entirely different type of crowd... what used to be a forum of halo fans/ex halo fans has im sure by this point long since become dominated by destiny/ex destiny fans. im sure theyre at least equally as cancerous as the edgy old halo nerds who inhabited the flood back then.

Dude or chick... or neither?
i usually assume most people i meet on sites like this are dudes due to target demographic and whatnot, but i'll ask anyway. there are a few chicks active on this site, so it aint impossible. plus you are listed as female on your profile but thats kinda meaningless. another reason i ask though.

dont worry about the thirst committee. people here have either outgrown being horny online or are so devoted to mastering and immersing themselves in the ancient rites of incel wizardry that they've completely forgotten the existence of women a concept. das boot might be an exception. hes probably the most cursed person here. no offense, Das the Cable Guy. come fix my internet.

Are you LGBTQ+™, or do you support the LGBTQ+™ Movement™ andf Lifestlye™?
i gotta say, i rep the LGBTQ+™ Movement™. I support the LGBTQ+™ Movement™. The LGBTQ+™ Movement™ is comprised of people too just like you and me. pretty sure we've got some G™ types here, at least we have in the past, probably some B™ types too. im nearly positive we got at least one T™ type here (Class?). also i think we've had more in the past too. not sure if any of the women here are L™ types. and tbh im not even sure what Q™ means as opposed to just L™, G™, and B™. im sure theres a distinction.... im not involved in the LGBTQ+™ i just support em lmao. someone else may be more qualified to speak on this than myself. i'd say this sites pretty progressive overall but... well... no. some of us are but others are pretty fucking bigoted. some users even still think saying the n word is comedy (I'll admit, I do get a kick out of jokes that use the phrase "the n word", such as the pick CMD just posted in Rocket's thread. i dont condone the actual use of the word by non black people, though).

if you are somehow in college (again, no offense), what are you studying, and what school? if not, do you have any plans for it? if not the college type, where do you work? if youre too young for any of that, whats your favorite color? lmao

Whats with the gimmick?
And if it's not a gimmick... well then you're pretty cursed ngl lol. I mean if you're really just like that, to each their own i guess. but maybe consider like, toning it down a few notches lmao. but if thats your personality, then dont change just cause i said so. be yourself and all that jazz.


sorry if you have made coherent posts and i just didnt notice. im not the most active on here and I dont read every thread in detail unless im involved in the conversation. ditto if youve answered any of these questions at any point.

might think of more questions later if you actually try to put together some coherent answers for at least however many of these youre comfortable with

if youre not gonna seriously answer my questions, feel free to shoot me a "rawr XD" or some equivalent gimmick nonsense. i'll give your post a like and try my best to craft an equally incoherent string of content in reply.

The Flood / New Years Resolutions MEGATHREAD
« on: January 03, 2020, 06:53:11 AM »
New Years Resolutions

post your new years resolutions

ive never done a formal new years resolution, but this year i want to. ive been on the self improvement train for a while, and im inspired to write down and stick to some actual ones.

Ive actually made a few:

My Resolutions

1.   Read 1 to 2 Books Per Week

I'm going to shoot for two, but if there are longer ones or life gets in the way I'll settle for one. I'll be able to gauge this more after reading a few. It's been god knows how long since I've read a book. I used to read a ton as a kid, but stopped at some point after developing the "books are lame, fuck reading" mindset. I've recently been feeling guilty about this and recognized a while ago this was childish. I want to get back into it. I believe reading improves intelligence and one's ability to communicate ideas.

If anyone has any good book recommendations, let me know. I prefer novels - something that tells a story. I've tried reading informational books, though I tend not to become as invested in them as I would with a good story, even if I find the subject matter interesting.

2.   Begin Working Out Regularly Again

I started working out regularly spring semester 2019, and really went hard over the summer. I went to the gym every day after work, lifting weights on weekdays and doing cardio on weekends. I saw visible gains by the end of the summer. I continued towards the beginning of the fall semester, but soon fell off due to a combination of schoolwork, extracurriculars, laziness, and other responsibilities/distractions. Towards the end of the semester I was going once a week at most, sometimes less. I'm still in good shape, but I've definitely seen my body degrade slightly since.

I have two goals for this resolution:
1 - Be able to bench two plates.
2 - Attain defined abs.

My pecs and abs are definitely my least developed muscles. While I've been able to develop my arm muscles with ease, I've always struggled with my chest. Improvement has been slow and slight. Since losing weight and working out, they are definitely defined and are no longer man boobs, but they have plenty of room for improvement. As for my abs, I rarely do core workouts. I'm slim, but with virtually no core development, I'm all flab and no ab in that region.

3.   Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

My sleep schedule devolved so much this past semester. Mostly due to my own laziness and unwillingness to do something about it, though living in a frat house certainly didn't help. I've become borderline nocturnal at times, sometimes pulling all-nighters for no legitimate reason. It's not healthy. I rarely feel rested when waking up, and oftentimes the sleep I get is poor since it extends into the day and is often irregular.

This is an issue I need to fix. I missed a ton of class this past semester and it was my worst academically, which a myriad of other reasons contributed to as well. I have early-morning classes this next semester, so I'm going to need to fix my sleep schedule if I actually want to attend them.

My long-term goal for this is to be in bed by midnight. However, I want to build up to that. I'm still brainstorming, but I'm thinking about setting 2 a.m. as my current goal and soon bumping that to 1 a.m. Once I'm comfortable with that I can try midnight. My earliest class is at 9 a.m. this semester. Ideally, I'd like to get 8 hours of sleep. If I go to bed at midnight, I can sleep 8 hours and still have time to get ready in the morning.

Also, If I want to have the energy to work out, sleep will be integral.

4.   Improve Study Habits

Like I said, this past semester was my worst. Fortunately, my cumulative GPA is stellar, and being in my senior year, it won't change much regardless of how I do. However, I still feel shitty about my performance, and want to graduate strong. I've got a mean case of seniorities, and I have the GPA to support it. I'm not looking to 4-point this semester, but I'd like to get at least a B in every class. Historically, I've always shot for A's, but like I said, I'm pretty checked out at this point. If I can get B's in my harder classes and A's in my easier ones, my semester GPA would be just fine.

My resolution is to get all my homework/studying done on campus during the day. I've got some gaps between classes I can utilize, and can always stay longer if need be. If I set aside two to three hours each day to stay on campus and study, I should have no problem getting everything done. This will help me with my sleep resolution too, since I ideally won't be up late doing homework/procrastinating. One thing I've learned since starting college is the best place to get work done and study is on campus. Studying at home will never be as efficient. There are too many distractions, especially if you live with people. I was terrible about this last semester - living in a house with 17 other rowdy gentlemen is not the best environment for getting work done.

5.   Practice Conversation

This one I'm not sure how I'm going to set a concrete goal for besides "talk to random people more." I've historically been bad at socializing outside of my close friends, but I've become a lot better at it throughout the past two years, especially 2019. I've struggled with social anxiety my whole life, which I've only recently started to overcome and seek help with. I feel like I'm years behind in terms of my social ability because I've had less practice than most people. I usually shy away from socializing outside of my circle of friends. However, I've had so many opportunities to improve this aspect of my life the past few years, and I've capitalized on every one. This past semester, my living situation essentially forced me to be social 24/7. Also, taking on various leadership positions has drastically reduced my fear of public speaking and talking to people in general. In fact, I now find myself seeking out and initiating conversation with random people and looking forward to giving speeches. I still have room for improvement, but I'm very proud of how far I've come.

What I really want to focus on now is getting better at talking to women - flirting especially. I suck at this. Take the natural nervousness most people get when talking to someone they're attracted to, add social anxiety to the mix, and you've got a recipe for disaster. This is something I've been working on but not to the extent I'd like. I can say I'm no longer as anxious as I used to be when talking to girls - I still get nervous for sure, but that's normal. It becomes a problem when it's debilitating.

A goal I have in life (not necessarily for 2020) is to eventually be in a long-term, serious relationship. I have to start small though. I'm determined not to be the clingy guy who immediately starts taking things too serious. That definitely drives chicks away.

I've found that I'm actually really good at deeper, emotional conversations. However, I suck at small talk and oftentimes find myself trying to jump into deeper topics way too soon. I've learned my lesson with that. You have to go through the motions of small talk and getting to know someone before going deep. Fortunately, most women like guys who are emotionally available, so I've got that in the bag. I've found that I enjoy listening to people talk about their feelings and being there for them when they need me. I'm also not afraid to talk about my own emotions and problems. As far as that deeper connection shit goes, I've got that in the bag. My problem is getting to the point where that kind of conversation is acceptable. Save it for the pillow talk, not the party.


That's all I've got for now. These resolutions will probably evolve a bit since I just brainstormed them today. I might even add a few more. They all seem attainable - I said I had never made a formal new years resolution before, but I did put together a list early on in 2019 of goals I wanted to reach to better myself, and I actually followed through with them. I've been feeling proud of my accomplishment, but also recognize I have a long road ahead. I want to continue setting new goals to further my progress. Towards the end of 2019, I began slacking on some things, I think in part because I hadn't set any more goals since early in the year. I find that if I write my goals down and tell people, I hold myself more accountable and set my mind to succeeding.

That's about it. If y'all got any suggestions for more or additions to what I've got, let me know! Also, feel free to share your own resolutions in the comments below. As you can see, it's almost 8 a.m. as I'm about to post this lol. I have a ways to go for Resolution #3. This is so sad can we hit 50 likes? I also accept money via venmo. All my patrons get special patron-only benefits based on donation-tier. Only $100 for foot pics. Hell I'd settle for $1.

Alright I really should go to bed.


what up people. i am posting on this site today and would like to say hello to the people here. i remember you all fondly and like conversation. ask me questions about me or about you too and i will speak with you in my post. ill answer questions about me if you are interested. i am an interesting man i think. im pretty cool.

verbatim i want you post in my thread. you live in a town near me that kind of sucks. not kind of sucks. it totally sucks. fuckin shopko is gone so i cant make my shopko ishpeming thread like i used to whenever i drive thru ish peming. fuck ishpeming. houghton is better hands down no contest. btw i think ur pretty ok as a person even tho i never met u but u seem pretty chill now. dude theres fuckin snow everywhere now up here. fuckin getting white and shit. hows the snow in ishpeming. i think its probably on the ground and a lot of it but idk. i was in iron mountain last week for squanto's holiday and there was no snow but then on like wednesday it snowed a shit ton dude. fuckin crazy and now im back in houghton and theres even more snow. i like the snow but goddamn can i catch a break like jeez louise am i right? fuckin covering my car and shit.

also verbatim do you go to NMU? i dont remember but i thought u were in uni or something. lowkey fuck NMU tho sorry gotta rep MTU its just better goml. jokes aside NMU got a nice campus but fuck em still. marquette is p cool too but houghton is fuckin cooler imo (in my opinion). metaphorically cooler but also literally cause of the snow theres more of it haha, anyways how is your life going i cant believe its been this many years ive been here at MTU and still never met you in real life. idk if i want to cause itd probably be pretty weird and awkward but still ya know.

if u in uni hows the studies goin? im planning on going to grad school next fall actually. gonna get my masters its lit. anyways im living life and loving it dude. college has been pretty dope. fuckin cool ass place and i like it. livin in a big old mansion type house that used to be a mining baron's house. 18 brothers living together in a big house so thats pretty cool. i wonder what NMU campus life is like, maybe u can tell me since you go there i think idk tho its been a long time of years and my memory is hazy. pretty cool coming into this forum and seeing all these folks i remember their names. fuckin hope all y'all sick cunts are doin good man. fuckin sep7agon flood shit gang gang u feel me. fuckin proboards dude remember that shit. this site is dope as fuck cheat you did a good job even if you just copy pasted the simple machines forum template and made it green.

dude verbatim and the gang still kickin goddamn. y'all are a cool faction of people on the web. dude halo. i played that shit and you all did too. this is literally a halo spin off forum and its fuckin great cause it is the common thread that binds us all together. or something.

verbatim shopko closed down can you believe that? a church bought the shopko here now its a church. fuckin weird man. for all yall southern folk shopko was like a target but shittier. but we loved it because it was ours. so ya now theres a shopko church next door to the econo's. fuckin wild man. fuckin A B S O L U T E   M A D M A N.

fuckin haha i too am in agreement tho u feel me. dude verbatim u got a lot of posts on this site man i respect that. big poster. that takes a lot of dedication man you are really dedicated to this on line community and thats beautiful. even tho it kind of sucks ass but in a good way. sep7bagon holds a place in my heart and you people are in my memories not like in a dead way but maybe a little bit. RIP sandtrap. fucking sep7agon dude. fuckin backwater fucking forum lookin ass fuckin bnet edge lords all grown up and shit. fuckin wild man yall a bunch of old cunts now. like think about it when u joined bungie,net how old were u makin posts and shit. look at yall now. bunch of boys now grown up into big men. and also the women too but theres definitely a lopsided ratio of men to women on this shit. also i dont wanna leave out the LGBTQ+ community. i am LGBTQ+ friendly. it is the year 2019. the current year. remember when the current year was like 2011 or some shit. fuckin years man that was years ago dude. fuckin MONTHS man. MOOOONTHS. haha @verbatim. cool posting man youre doing a service to this community.

yo challengerX what up dude if ur on here ur a G. u a fuckin chaotic dude man i like it. fuckin everybody on here what up. yo mmmmmmNapalm what up bro. im actually talking to u in a PSN party chat right now and youre patiently waiting to see this post pretty soon once im done typing this post but i been doing a lot of typing in this post. big post.

so ya dudes i just wanted to come in here and say hello. AMA me if u want. i like answering questions and hey maybe ill ask you a question too! i like posting.

so ya feel free to post here in my post because thats what the forum is all about. posts.

love the site dude

The Flood / wow
« on: July 10, 2019, 04:59:58 PM »
what up

The Flood / The N Word is making a comeback
« on: January 04, 2019, 08:23:29 AM »
and I’ve been using it much too often for a white

The Flood / drugs are pretty cool
« on: January 01, 2019, 05:57:46 PM »
nuff said dude

i like em my nigga

discussion value and activity

The Flood / hel lo my dearies
« on: January 01, 2019, 05:53:15 PM »
we really do live in a society [quizzical face with finger and thumb resting on chin emoji] ,yes

how is my favorite forum doing

looking very active i see

The Flood / Hey cheat give me sep7agon
« on: June 25, 2018, 04:59:15 PM »
I will revive the site and actually support it

Ill call myself “Cheat 2”


[/img]i missed shopko this time sorry

i did get this little caesars tho

The Flood / ATTNTION: new members PSA Q&A FAQ list thread for the forum
« on: February 08, 2018, 12:25:02 PM »
couple of epic rules for browsing sep7 agon

1.) haha WATCH OUT we bite or some shit xD

2.) this thread is new

3.) haha this list is funny

5.) something something warning about verbatim or some other user blah blhah

6.) lists are cool

7.) some shitty inside sep7agon joke

8.) destiny SUCK,S xD lmaorofl get rid of your destiny avatars XD

9.) o yeah i think im really funny cause i made this fuckin epic list

The Flood / AMA whats up sep8agon i am from
« on: February 07, 2018, 08:26:09 PM »
hello i am new

just wanted to get to kno u all

whats up i cant wait to make new friends xD

i love destiny

The Flood / obligatory potila shopko pic
« on: January 14, 2018, 04:22:37 PM »

potila has been in there

The Flood / obligatory shopko pic
« on: December 22, 2017, 09:21:30 AM »

 potila or some shit   

The Flood / omw to ish Peming you mr pots
« on: November 17, 2017, 01:50:45 PM »
finna stop in Marquette tho cause ish peming kinda suck dick tbh

cop me some b dubs eskeetit

The Flood / yarribequepetah
« on: October 15, 2017, 03:22:07 AM »

The Flood / ecommend me one of those too
« on: September 14, 2017, 08:52:05 PM »

The Flood / makin a thread
« on: August 07, 2017, 05:47:17 PM »

Gaming / yo join me in the destiny 2 beta
« on: July 23, 2017, 11:56:45 AM »
who is ready to go to , THE FARM* !

*exclusive DESTINY 2 social space only in DEstiny 2

The Flood / my guide to getting GIRLS on your peen
« on: July 17, 2017, 10:18:59 AM »

The Flood / finally my reign has begun
« on: July 14, 2017, 12:44:00 AM »
fuck you rocket man

you are a gay WAD

fuck outta here

i am like god now basically

on this website at least

The Flood / cheat make me legendary boy
« on: July 14, 2017, 12:25:39 AM »
cmon i been a good boy


I hate all of you, help me get to 3000 posts.



The Flood / getting close
« on: July 13, 2017, 09:24:23 PM »
i am nearing the end

The Flood / activity7agon
« on: July 09, 2017, 08:05:19 PM »
good activity on this

The Flood / cheat your shit site just raped me with ads thrice
« on: April 17, 2017, 10:32:47 AM »

the first one got me twice

fuck nigga

The Flood / UPDATE: potila land is only a memory now
« on: March 24, 2017, 04:56:18 PM »
he prolly wont b there tho cause its a saturday

im sad

so close but so far

EDIT: cool Mac donald restaurant

good bye beautiful ish peming

u did not cede your potila

The Flood / holy shit this activity is shit
« on: January 18, 2017, 09:24:18 PM »
yo wtf

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