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1. Ranking Up

Display Name | Respected Posting Frenzy

  • Rank on Sep7agon.net is, like many other online communities, determined by the number of posts one makes.To see your rank increase from "Newbie" to higher-tier ranks such as "Invincible", simply post regularly throughout the forums. Your rank, as demonstrated in the quote above by the green words, is the second set of words in your userbar.
  • Ranking up one's prefix, which is the title that comes in front of one's rank (colored pink in the example above), is an entirely different process. When you hit 100 posts, you will unlock the "Trust System". This allows you to either up or down vote a user once every twenty four hours - the more votes a person gets, the higher (or lower) their prefix will be. The Trust System can be located within a person's signature - simply click the down arrow in a person's userbar to find this.

2. Nameplates
  • Similar to the concept in Halo: Reach, nameplates are customizable additions added to the end of a person's userbar. There are a wide range of nameplates available for all members to use, which can be found in the "Nameplates" section of the profile drop down bar.
  • Occasionally, special nameplates will be added to gain entry into limited-time forums, such as the Anarchy Forum. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding this.

3. Userbars and Unlocking Customizing Options
  • The color of the one's userbar is tied directly to their Trust Prefix. Those with a negative trust will have black user bars, which become lighter as you rise through the positive levels. Once one hits Mythic, they will receive a blue userbar.
  • Sep7agon site staff can also have a custom colored userbar, no matter what their Trust Prefix is, to allow them to stand out in case they are needed. Forum Monitor's have a rust colored userbar, Forum Ninja's have a orange colored userbar, and the Forum Admin's have a gold.
  • There are also several customizable options for users to unlock, allowing them to customize the look and colors of their userbar. These options do stack, so in order to unlock one, you have to unlock the one before it. The customization options are as followed:
  • Custom Nameplate/Title Bar Colors: This option unlocks when one hits the Legendary prefix - in order to do so, this also requires one to have 3,000 posts. To enable your custom nameplate, select the "Imposter" nameplate and enter in a url for the image with the "Look and Layout" section of your profile.
  • Custom Title Bar Border: This option unlocks when one reaches the Mythic prefix, and can be customized in the "Look and Layout" section of your profile.
  • Custom Titles: This option unlocks when one reaches Marty. This will override your forum prefix and rank, replacing it with a custom title. To edit your custom title, head to your Forum Profile main page.

4. List of Prefixes, Ranks, and Special Titles
  • The following are the known list of current Trust Prefixes, Ranks, and Special Titles carried throughout the forums. This will be updated as more become known.
Trust Prefixes
-3. DeeJ
* Black bar

-2. Incoherent
* Black bar

-1. Bad
* Black bar

0. (N/A) - no rating/neutral rating
* Black bar

1. Respected
* Dark gray bar

2. Ascended
* Gray bar

3. Heroic
* Light gray bar

4. Legendary
* Very light gray bar

5. Mythic
* Blue bar

6. Marty
* Purple bar

Rank Titles
* Basic title for all members; Vast majority of Sep7agon.net holds this title; <25 posts

* Step above Newbie; 25 posts

Posting Spree
* Step above Member; 100 posts

Posting Frenzy
* Step above Posting Spree; 250 posts

Posting Riot
* Step above Posting Frenzy; 500 posts

Posting Rampage
* Step above Posting Riot; 1000 posts

* Step above Posting Rampage; 1777 posts

* Step above Unstoppable!; 3000 posts

* Step above Invincible!; 7777 posts

Special Titles
Plate Master
Members who have submitted a features and themes contributing to the Sep7agon Community.
* Depending on what normal title they are, their bar will be that color
* You won't necessarily be called a 'Theme Master,' but you'll be called, say, 'Plate Master' and the like.

Smash Master
Given to Pichu for winning the Super Smash Bros. tournament.

Special Rank Title given to Blazed Iron and Tiy, who are related to Cheat.
* Most distinguished by the bright blue or pink Userbar and text that accompanies it.

Special Rank given to lead admins/representatives of other established communities.
* Most distinguished by the Neon Pink/Purple Userbar and text that accompanies it.

Mystery Member
Title given to users who post Anonymously with the Anarchy Forums.
* If a thread is moved outside of the Anarchy forum, the title will remain, as will the anonymous cover.

Emotional Support
Title given to the mysterious Disembodied Soul, who carries a bright-red color scheme.

Forum Monitor
Member-Ninja hybrid
* One can have any type of member title and still become a monitor.
* Their title bar color is reddish color with a light red highlight around it.

Forum Ninja
Moderators of the Sep7agon website.
* One can have any type of member title and still become a ninja.
* Their title bar color is a dark orange with a light-orange highlight around it.

Master Forum Ninja
Highest possible title given out to a member. They have a few more tools than a regular Ninja.
* One can have any type of member title and still become a ninja.
* Their title bar color is a dark orange with a light-orange highlight around it.

Architect (Admins)
* They have golden text; title bar color is a dark yellow with a golden highlight around it.

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