buying digital codes off the internet

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i recently bought forza horizon 3 but unfortunately theres no way to get the DLCs unless it's through third parties

those 3rd parties sound hella shady to me, but if theyre still in business then surely those kinds of websites work, right? idk does anyone have experience buying from them?

as for me & FH3, theres no way im spending an arm and a leg for some dlc, legit website or not, but i was just curious if yall have used those kinds of websites
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I've ordered a few games from G2A before and it's been pretty straightforward
Instant delivery, credit card hasn't been scammed yet

But also these sites sell through distributors like Amazon does and some of these games are purchased with stolen credit cards so up to you how you feel about that

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If you know, you know.
bought a lot of stuff from In the seven years of dealing with them, no issues ever.