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Hey there, why not a UN game in times of this small amount of posting to spice things up? First of all, progression of anything (military movement, technology, recruitment, etc) won't be based off of amount of posts, but the amount if time passed. So instead of saying "Project Eclipse - 5 pages to complete", you'd say "Project Eclipse - 3 days to complete". Training 5,000 soldiers of any form takes a day and everyone starts with 30,000 (plus no knowledge of anything but basic swordmen). Declaration of war is allowed indefinitely, but you must wait a day in between announcing the war and attacking anywhere, unless you're attacked first (this only applies to territory occupied by another human player). All nations can take part in any conflicts, but the day buffer between declaring war and attacking applies despite any alliances.

I'm the GM and like two others can be if they wish - just let me know before the game starts. GMs can play - they start with 25,000 soldiers and cannot attack, however they can retaliate against attacks if the fighting is on their land. GMs, even if their nation is eliminated, control matters of the meta game like fairness and can step in if players believe that another player is playing/progressing unfairly. The game begins an hour after we reach five players!

Map will be the great island of Americos, with technology beginning at the iron age for all parties.

Please enter the game by filling this out:
Nation's Name:
National Flag: (Optional)
Government Type:
Nation's Starting State: (Only relevant for filling in the map; the name isn't canon for game purposes)
Architectural Aesthetic: (Briefly describe the building aesthetic of your nation, for example which real-life country the architecture resembles)
State Religion: (If you have one)
Unique Laws Already Enacted: (Up to three; depending on how "big" the law is, some may have drawbacks)
National Product: (The main commodity you produce and export, within reason)
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