Top 1 Albums of Ever

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For eternity thus far, some okay music has been made, but this comprehensive list is, beyond my opinion, sheer and indisputable fact. This list, generate through scientific testing, showcases the objectively greatest 1 Albums made during the last ever, and provides the data by which these assertions grace fact.

1. Testify by Phil Collins

This album not only changed my life, but also the world, and by proxy your life too. Phil Collins poured all of his vast mastery into capturing the human condition and connecting with every living human being simultaneously to produce this album. It is beyond doubt that musically, it is the finest piece of art to be produced by humans, that is, barring the much more likely event that it was handed down to Phil by God himself. Lyrically... the term poetry doesn't come close to describing the beauty encased in his words. A select few albums have been blessed in either of these ways, but Testify blends them together seamlessly and with truly divine beauty.

There's not much more to be said in plain words, but you MUST immediately listen to this album, regardless of whether you've heard it before or not, lest you face indefinite incarceration on earth and eternal hellfire beyond.

Phil bless you.

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