Who do you vote for?

Donald Trump
0 (0%)
Kanye West
1 (16.7%)
Vermin Supreme
5 (83.3%)

Total Members Voted: 6

The year is 2020...

Iberian Husky | Legendary Invincible!
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Da Husk.
Which do you choose? On one hand, you get 4 more years of Trump. On the other, you have to live in an America where Kim Kardashian is FLOTUS.

Chaos Metal Dragon | Mythic Inconceivable!
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Why isn't Giant Meteor running again?

MyNameIsCharlie | Legendary Invincible!
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Get of my lawn
This is working under the assumption that Trump didn't accept the role of God Emperor of Dank Memes and ascended Pepe's throne. 

Deci | Mythic Unfrigginbelievable!
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Fuck no.

I'm not ready for 3 years in the future. Let me enjoy 2017 while its still here.