hot take time

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mechs are retarded

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that's just an ice cold fact
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The angel agreed to trade a set of white wings for the head of another demon. Overjoyed, the demon killed one of his own and plucked the head right off its still-warm body.

The angel then led the demon to heaven, where he underwent centuries of the cruelest tortures imaginable. Finally, the pain was so great that he lost consciousness - at which point his dark wings turned the promised shade of white.
fuck you

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No disintegrations!
I'm not a big fan. More of a power armor guy.

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If you bend your mind towards the challenge, the skill will follow in your hands
spiders are hot

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Goodness gracious, great balls of lightning!
Oh no, it's retarded

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Toys are hereby declared:
 anyone found with a TOY in his possession will be
placed under ARREST and thrown in the DUNGEON!
No kidding!               🅱
Well yeah, but they're still cool