New study shows that Trump supporters have increased brain stem sizes

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It’s now been proven that roughly 87% of those who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election have enlarged brain stems. The Chicago Institute of Medicine tested 1,203 volunteers, all of whom voted for the President. The Institute gave these participants CAT scans and found that 87% had brain stem sizes disproportional to the size of their entire brain - a phenomenon some are calling “Trump Brained”. The noticeable results of this condition, according to the Institute, include a higher level of concentration and focus, better reading comprehension, and a more acute sense of phonics.

this is fucking insane, he’s 1000% going to get reelected now

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Aren't democrats the party of antifa and crime? Alex Jones said they can hardly talk.

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They need all that oxygen to breathe and barely function as passable regular citizens, the arseholes.

So not only are they retarded, but stealing all the air too, the fucking mouth breathers.