Wolfenstein The New Order - Brute Review

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Testing the waters... This is my most recent work.

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I couldn't agree more. Good review.

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Not gonna comment on the review, but a few general remarks in case you care for constructive criticism:

-don't record yourself if you can't memorize your lines or read them in a non-obvious way. You look to the right every few moments to read your text, which doesn't look very professional. Either learn what you're going to say beforehand or work with a few pointers while improvising most of it, or only show gameplay with you talking over it.

-work with better source material. I don't know why, but you regularly use screenshots, wallpapers or themes that are low res and look incredibly blurry (the background of your intro, MW3 footage, the south park scene, for example). It's not that hard to find high res pictures or footage of this kind of stuff by just using google.

-structurise your videos logically. You seem to frequently switch between story, gameplay, history and all other aspects without there being a real pattern. Take a look at what Gametrailers does, for example. Start with an introduction about the game, the platforms, creator and history. Then talk about the story, followed by gameplay, multiplayer and extras. Clear and concise segments. Near the end, sum it all up again while giving a brief overview of the pros and cons before reaching your final conclusion (for example: "The new Wolfenstein game lives up to the expectations by bringing amazing game- and gunplay to the table. Although the story isn't always all that and the lack of a multiplayer might disappoint some, this game is sure to please fans of the FPS genre")

-always review your own work. There's a glaring spelling error ("fianlly") in the very first scene of the video. It's an easy fix that you should definitely be able to spot if you'd just review your own video before publishing it.

That being said, you do hold yourself well in front of the camera and it's enjoyable to hear you talk. Keep up the good work.
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Pretty nice review. I was pretty nervous about this game being good since id didn't actually make it but I was not disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed the game.

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