Stranded Deep - Early Access Report

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Ok. Let me start off by saying this, Stranded Deep is showing a lot of great potential! Its an enjoyable game thats pretty easy to learn, and it runs well on older hardware. Its world is procedurally generated and random. No game is the same, no island is the same. and its like a playable version of the movie Cast Away.

As typical with these games. You survived a plane crash, and now you're alone on your own little tropical island. With bugs... Lots and lots of bugs. Where do I start? The game runs pretty well for starters. But that does not mean its not broken right now.

During my playtime, the game dropped to 1FPS in sputters when I was running it at a stable 60FPS. When ever I opened a hatch on a wrecked ship on my island, I jumped down into and could not get back out. There is no climbing mechanic, so I had no choice but to restart my game.

Just recently I discovered that the Beds are broken. They only allow you to sleep at night, but even when it was night it kept on telling me "you can only sleep at night." and wouldnt let me in. After than I decided to get in my raft and go to another island, but about half way there my Raft vanished and I was dropped into the shark infested waters.

So I figured I was screwed thanks to a bug, but nope. The sharks didnt attack me once, and I even tried to provoke them. During that time I was under water, and when I swam back up I found my raft floating in front of me...

I tried to climb back on, but as soon as I did--It vanished again and I was stranded in the water with sharks that wont kill me.


Dont worry. I dont do shit!

Those are the only things I have encountered as of this build. The game evokes a great feeling of dread when you dive into the shark infested water, its like a playable version of Cast Away. And that is not a bad thing. But it is so unfinished and merely a shell of what its supposed to be...

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Can you play as wilson?

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I will get this game once fixed. Looks interesting.

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Goodness gracious, great balls of lightning!
You're gonna need a bigger boat

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Moms spaghetti
At least it's not surrounded in controversy. Shows potential, can't wait to see it fixed.