So I threw together a MTG deck with cards I had lying arround

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Tell me about how bad it is
EDIT: BRD Deck is unfinished. I forgot MTG is 60 cards and not 50


x1 Boltwing Marauder (4Any/1/1)
x2 Swift Warkite (4Any/1/1)
x2 Volcanic Dragon (4Any/2)
x1 Pristine Skywise (4Any/1/1)
x2 Cunning Breezedancer (4Any/1/1)
x2 Orator of Ojutai (1Any/1)
x1 Dragon's Eye Sentry (1)


x2 Ojutai Monumennt (3Any)
x1 Kolaghan Monument (3Any)
x2 Coat with Venom ( 1 )
x1 Foul Tounge Invocation (2 Any/ 1)
x1 Dragonic Roar (1 Any/1)


x10 Mountain
x10 Plains
x5 Swamp
x5 Islands
x2 Evolving wilds
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