Playing through Bayonetta for the first time

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For context, I'm a big fan of action games and a giant DMC nut. I've had the game reccommendted to me so many times, I decided to get the double pack on the Switch. I've gone into it with an open mind so there's no bias here.

I'm not really loving it as much as I thought I would. The combat is awesome and the over the top goofiness is great, I love how silly it is sometimes. There's a large amount of combo variety and it's still fun experimenting with what works and the most efficient way of killing enemies is up to you, which is what a game like this should do, so big bouns points there. Bayonetta herself is pretty entertaining and she lays the sexual themes on THICK. Seriously, if you're repulsed by witchsluts then this game would probably make you vomit. I'm not really following the story at all and the enemy designs, while all retaining the same overall angelic theme are pretty cool looking, with freaky bosses.  Movementt feels well enough and some of the platforming sections are interesting, buuuut...

I find the game really visually unappealing. Everything just looks like a mix of yellow, browns and greys. I guess it came out during that era of gaming where it looks like the screen has been dropped into a vat of piss. Metal Gear Rising suffers the same problem, I think Platinum Games just went through an awkward ugly phase to be honest.

There's instant death QTEs up the wazoo. So. Fucking. Many. I've never liked them, and this game just throws them at you all over the place. They just break the flow for me and are total bullshit sometimes. Like I get it, some interactivity is good but Jesus fucking Christ. Barely scraped through a boss by the skin of your teeth? Enjoying the cutscene? Haha, well enjoy failing a jump and losing that last remaining chunk of health you had!

I'm only on chapter 10 now and so far the lowest point has been a driving section on a motorbike that dragged on for far too long.

But yeah, TL;DR Bayonetta's got great combat but everything else is pretty poopy.  I hope the second one is better. If not, I'll have DMC5 soon...