Mixer (streaming service) being shutdown. Sold off to Facebook gaming

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I came here from b.net after a few Floods invited me. None of them post on either b.net nor here anymore, which is sad. I was still active on b.net until for some bizarre reason, b.net admins locked out people who have not played Destiny. Even if you wanted to post on the offtopic section. After that, I fully moved here and have not returned to b.net since.
Please come play Halo with me.
Announcement: https://twitter.com/WatchMixer/status/1275134189738713088

Apparently the staff found out at the same time as the public.

> Facebook
> Gaming

Pick one. Who TF goes to FB to watch stuff?
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If you bend your mind towards the challenge, the skill will follow in your hands
One of rules of business is to sell business you can't manage well.

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Facebook is like the Virgin Group of the internet

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Open invitation to my island
Just use caracal.club