>tfw you rq after being memed in Halo CE

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‘The most inoffensive user on this website’ - Verbatim
>join first populated server I see
>Shotguns no shield CTF on Battle creek
>Some clan server, 440 ms of ping, pre good fams
>Other team actually seem to know the map well enough to camp in good spots, and defend their carrier with 2-3 escorts
>I shoot first in literally every encounter, but still go 8 deaths without getting a kill
>Start to get the hang of the lead, begin steam rolling them because the Shotgun has semi-realistic spread and can be used viably almost halfway across the map
>15 kills, 11 deaths
>Still salty from the warmup deaths

ITT: Discuss times you've come back to a game from a long hiatus only to find out you hate the experience.

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So... I guess I'm going to have to pick up after your horrendous mistakes on here too?


No, this isn't me just posting it again to earn reputation.