What is the first movie you remember looking at critically?

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In my mind this would be a movie you saw at a young age, that you were excited for, and didn’t just blindly enjoy after watching it.

For me, it’s x men the last stand
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you know, i'm not really sure, but i do remember loving pretty much any movie that you'd put in front of me as a kid—the very idea of movies being "bad" hadn't entered my brain until i saw the Super Mario Bros. movie from 1993

i saw it very young, maybe 9 or 10, and i wanted to love it, because the idea of adapting a video game series that i was such a huge fan of to film was the most exciting thing ever

i had my dad pick up a VHS tape of it from blockbuster, and he must have known how bad it was, because he wouldn't even watch it with me (and we watched everything together)

and as i'm watching it, it was probably the most baffling headfuck piece of media i had ever seen up until that point, such that i genuinely did not know how to respond—it felt to me how i imagine losing your virginity to your elementary school teacher would feel, or something, where even if i had the vocabulary to describe what i had just experienced, i wouldn't even be able to, because my mind would not have been developed enough to even comprehend it

"what WAS that? did i enjoy that? why was it so weird? i don't think i enjoyed that, actually—i don't think i enjoyed that at all"
you know, just completely dumbfounded

that's when i learned that not all movies are good—but it's kind of hard to pinpoint when i started to develop a sense of criticism, or an understanding of what makes good/bad filmmaking
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Goodness gracious, great balls of lightning!
Bayformers Revenge of the Fallen

I was 13 when it came out and saw it in theaters because I really liked the first one. Halfways through the movie I just remember thinking to myself "this movie isn't good" and couldn't wait for it to be over. It was the scene where they go to the boneyard to find that old Decepticon that made me wanna leave but I couldn't cause I was with family.

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My guy! I loved X-Men: The Last Stand, my favourite movie in the series followed by The Wolverine.

For me it would have to be Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Feels average now but at the time I loved it along with all my school friends.

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emigrate or degenerate. the choice is yours
Planet of the Apes reboot. The early 2000s Tim Burton one. I thought monkeys in a space movie looked astonishingly cool as a little kid. Movie honestly just creeped me out more than anything.