Picked up Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far

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Beat Kingdom Hearts II the other day.

It's whatever. Definitely an objective improvement over the first game, but it's not blowing me away or anything. The combat is incredibly button mashy and QTE-heavy, and the story is kind of asinine, even though there are aspects of it that I appreciate. As a Disney guy, I feel consistently burned on that front, too. They way they treat the Disney stuff in these games is consistently disappointing. I don't want to experience a shitty, watered down version of a Disney movie that I LOVE, Nomura.

I could go on but I'm not sure who I'd be ranting to anyway so I'll just stop myself here.

KH1: 4/10
Chain of Memories: 3/10
KH2: 5/10

Bleah. Apparently, according to my KH-playing friends, I can be done with this franchise now, since I've played the best game in the series and decided I wasn't into it... but I'm a sucker for culturally-important video games, regardless of my personal opinions about them, so I might keep playing them regardless. They're certainly fun to talk about.
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Jacob Potila was actually a Jacob Flotilla of lies.- WarTurkey
I hate those games. I enjoyed them while playing, but sparing any more thought towards them just annoys me