Jive Turkey gets over his ex: the thread

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Excuse me, I'm full of dog poison
I caught myself thinking about her A LOT these past few days. I'm just DYING to know what she's doing. How does she feel? Is she feeling lonely and sad? Or happier than ever? I can't explain this huge curiosity I have in me, I actually think she's in my head now more than ever.

Break up mind games.

However while the thoughts of her still make me sad sometimes, it's not completely terrible and I'm slowly getting better. Most people say it takes 3 months to feel like yourself again, I'm on week 3 so I'm hoping they're right.

Today I'm sad though smh. And having obsessive thoughts/curiosity. These KILL me.

I saw my ex pop up on my Facebook recently, didn't kill me like it normally does.

Good things are coming man, takes time.