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so we all know skyrim is about roleplaying and killing dragins and defeating alduin and shit well I want you to make your own roleplaying thing.
It can be anything as long as it has a back story unless your supposed to be a daedric prince or a demora.And if you can please provide a video of you,of course this is optinal.Anyways mine is the most powerful daedric prince...Odion the daedric prince of death,envy,gluttony,and the rest of the deadly sins.I only have 100 followers and compared to the rest of the daedric princes I have little followers.So most of the people of skyrim have destroyed all of my shrines,and killed my followers.This angered me and I decided to wait for the perfect momers nt.I waited 1000's of yearsand then I attacked.Oh yeah I forgot to mention you have to tell bungie how you look like and if your a supernatural being you have to tell us your powers.Of course most of your powers probably won't be in skyrim without mods.Anyways I have a ebony helmet,the ebony mail,ebony gauntlets,and ebony boots.My powers are spreading my sins to others,killing a person just by staring,I have all the spells in the game,I can manipulate my shadows to make the deadly for example.I can manipulate a part of my shadow to grab someones leg and pull them down to my realm of oblivion ,or I could use my shadow as a deadly blade.I can also use shadows to make myself invisible and I can move with the shadows.I can also make peoples insane. (Ha I took sheograth's job)My void of oblivon has black sky's with a black castle with demora guarding the castle and vampire thralls guarding the castle too.There also physical versions of the deadly sins that I plan to bring on all of the world.What's yours.