Babe Ruth's last daughter passed away

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She lived to be 102 years old. RIP Baby Ruth

“The Curse” brought about by Babe Ruth’s departure from the Red Sox became an enduring part of baseball lore, but his oldest daughter would have none of it.

Julia Ruth Stevens said her father “would have been the first to refute it.”

Mrs. Stevens, Ruth’s last surviving child, was 102 when she died in her sleep Saturday in an assisted living facility in Henderson, Nev., her only child, Tom Stevens, told the Globe Saturday.

“She was the last authority on Babe, the man,” he said by phone from his home in Nevada.

While living in Conway, N.H., for many years, she became a Red Sox fan. Speaking to the Globe about “the Curse” in 1999, she predicted that if Boston were to win the World Series, “I don’t think it would ever be mentioned again.”

Nevertheless, she didn’t like to tempt fate. In 1995, Boston finished first in the American League East, only to lose to Cleveland in the Division Series.

“I felt like I ought to get out of town, because I was bringing them bad luck,” she told the Globe a few years later. “You know, being a baseball player’s daughter, it’s hard not to be a little superstitious.”

Her friend, Joe Brill of Quincy, told the Globe that when asked about “the Curse,” she had a ready answer: “Daddy loved baseball. He’d never put a curse on a baseball team.”

Mrs. Stevens, he added, “was thrilled” when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, breaking an 86-year drought.

In a statement, the Red Sox said the organization joined “the rest of the baseball world in mourning the death of Julia Ruth Stevens, who with devotion, charm, and grace preserved and illuminated the memory and legacy of her father.”