What's your top five played games on Steam?

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30 hours of Unreal Tournament 1999.

Y'all should've seen my Xfire account when that client still ran towards the end of its lifespan in 2016.
-69 hours of Hello Kitty Online (idk why but it was a huge meme to rename an exe file to HKO.exe and have that running in the background on my friends list so I joined in)
-75 hours of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
-120 hours of Unreal Tournament 2003
-950 hours of Halo Combat Evolved
-3,100 hours of Halo Custom Edition. Straight no-lifed that game from 2007 until 2011.
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Hentai games

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what the fuck is so great about warframe that everyone seems to be dedicating thousands of hours to it

it's not that great but its not bad

there are new content updates fairly regularly, though that also means some of the older unpolished mechanics end up being forgotten about and become a sort of broken relic that never has it's spring cleaning

it's honestly a mess of a game but still manages to be a refreshing powetrip sometimes, the new content usually does bring something new to the table, for a short while at least
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If I'm not here, I'm doing Photography. Or I'm asleep. Or working. One of those three, anyway.

The current titlebar/avatar setup is courtesy of Ugly Americans, with a little hint of Sep7agon history.
  • Arma III - 333 Hours
  • Civ V - 320 Hours
  • Fallout New Vegas - 270 Hours (this doesn't account for just FNV, as I also played TTW through it which combine Fallout 3 playtime a bit into the results)
  • Fallout 4 - 261 Hours
  • Stellaris - 182 Hours

Outside Steam;
World of Tanks; 406 Hours (I'm not proud of it)
WarThunder; 177 Hours
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1. Age Of Mythology
2. Team Fortress 2
3. Halo: The Master Chief Collection
4. FarCey 2
5. Left 4 Dead

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I came here from b.net after a few Floods invited me. None of them post on either b.net nor here anymore, which is sad. I was still active on b.net until for some bizarre reason, b.net admins locked out people who have not played Destiny. Even if you wanted to post on the offtopic section. After that, I fully moved here and have not returned to b.net since.
Please come play Halo with me.
Team Fortress 2
506 hrs on record

Zombie Panic! Source
176 hrs on record

Killing Floor
159 hrs on record

Counter-Strike: Source
128 hrs on record

110 hrs on record

ZPS and Killing Floor were clocked by my brother using my account. I barely played them.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ‒ 800+ hours
Fallout: New Vegas ‒ 416 hours
Warframe ‒ 287 hours
Mount and Blade: Warband ‒ 195 hours
War Thunder ‒ 120 Hours

Right now I'm playing the shit out of Red Dead 2 and am already at like 90 hours for a forty percent completion rate. Haven't don't much story shit yet.