Sherlock Holmes 2: Magic Compton Boogaloo (Fate/Thread)

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This is not the greatest sig in the world, no. This is just a tribute.

Spent literally every piece of quartz I had and pulled just about every gold servant in the game exept for EMIYA alter.
I'm gonna have to skip summer too probably to save for next year. What even the fuck is this Gacha that it chooses now of all times to fuck me.
I rolled about 400sq looking for lobo
I got 1 retard cat, 1 Vlad zerker, 2 Moriarty, 1 new assassin dude

Gacha went full retard this banner

-Third Tammamo
-Second Ozzy
-Titty monk
-Salter (Literally the only rate up pull I got)
-Second Saberlot
-Second Fran

How does King Crimson even work? How does my account suck up SSRs as if they were 3* CEs yet act as repellent to literally everything else I want save for Kiritsugu and Mo? What even is a Kaliedoscope?
ayy fam at least you dont have an np5 seiba from pure spooks alone