Spider-Man (PS4) Review:- Quite Spectacular Indeed.

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His eyebrows sparkling, his white beard hangs down to his chest. The thatched mats, spread outside his chise, spread softly, his splendid attos. He polishes, cross-legged, his makiri, with his eyes completely absorbed.

He is Ainu.

The god of Ainu Mosir, Ae-Oine Kamuy, descendant of Okiku-Rumi, He perishes, a living corpse. The summers day, the white sunlight, unabrushed, ends simply through his breath alone.
Yeah, these side missions really blew ass. Tombstone's was the coolest (even though he isn't voiced by Keith David like he should be), and just when I thought maybe there'd be a cool Chameleon/Mysterio cameo in the fake-Spidey mission, it's some Karate Kid in his pajamas.
Wish we would have had that instead of the college kid missions

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Jacob Potila was actually a Jacob Flotilla of lies.- WarTurkey
I enjoyed the game itself but I don't really have much of a desire to platinum it. I feel like I've had my fill of it and I'm content with it.