Has anyone played the new God of War?

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So you did read what I said when I say the game doesnt do that right?

It does. I've seen it. This is not up for debate.

If you played the game youd see that the story does service the gameplay, as the gameplay never stops to tell a story it all happens at the same time.

You don't even know what "service" means. Yes, the game does stop to tell a story, but that's not even what I'm talking about.

But really. Combo throwing the axe and returning it and flinging it straight back like an OP Thor is a pretty fucking fun experience.

It's akin to dangling keys in front of an infant. There's no substance there.

Evidently he has not gotten far into the video since Britt talks about how shallow the combat is
You guys are coming off kinda pretentious. I've been watching this dude stream it and the only slow parts I've seen are few and far between with them mostly being puzzles and then there's a lot of combat. I don't really see how the combat is shallow per se, but then I don't know anything about the older God of War games and what the combat was like in that. So maybe I'm wrong, but the game looks fun to me.

Have any of you actually watched somebody play this game, or just some guy's review on YouTube? Because we all know how an edited video can make anything look bad or at least much worse than it already is, and how jaded people can get reviewing games.

ive been watching my brother play it. the old gow were pretty shallow too but at least everything existed to service the presentation of kratos being this badass guy and it was actually this very video gamey game.

its not as offensive as other modern games but its still not great.

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What did he mean by this?

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Throwing your axe into an enemies head, running up to them and beating them to death with your fists is fun as fuck.

Throwing your axe into an enemy before repositioning yourself behind another enemy so it will hit them on its return flight is satisfying

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